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Monkees start Davy jones died today of a heart attack... he will be missed...

I'm quite impressed with myself today.

ok it may not seem like a lot but I have accomplished in finishing about 6 1/2 pages of my book today I'm quite stoked about it.... now it's time to lay back and relax and getting some reading done myself my back and neck are killing me and I'm quite tired got another busy day to do tomorrow.

Finally productive...

finally I sat down and started typing in the edits I started making of what I have so far.  Yeah that started to make me snooze, editing is never any fun.  I don't know how editors and stuff do this all the time.  Well anywho I had finally sat down and just started typing it was great the ideas just kept pouring out of my head and whatnot and got four pages written... now of course mind you this is 4 letter sized pages, since I'm only just using word for my writing so much simpler and I already know the program.  Any rate wrote these 4 pages and will probably write more tonight after the kids go to sleep cause it helps when its quite around.

The weather here has been pretty whacky today been snowing one minute then sunny and blue the next, crazy ass weather.  I think they might have helped with just sitting down and writing. Oh and that fact that I haven't had the desire to get on Second Life right now or hang around on facebook. Though I love my friends on those and love…


ok I decided to go without the fancy banners for now.... I know I know I need to make up my mind right

What's been done lately

I've added some more stuff to my blog, it's a slow progress but I guess anything worth while isn't anything to be rushed right.  So I've been working on some pages right now I've been working on 2009 which is located here. I've completed April which is located here,, and I need to get the font I used for Aprils Banner from my old commputer so I can make the rest of the months, but that's all I'm waiting for on May's 2009 books, which is located here... ok nevermind on May at the moment I seem to have made a goof by putting June on May oh well it will get fixed.... in the mean time I'm also planning on what's going to happen next in the book. I've been waiting on some feedback and edits from a friend on it so hopefully she will like it.

New computer

Yay I'm able to do more now since getting my new computer so now I have more time getting things done on here.... I have completed April & May in 2009. Still lots of work but throughout time it will all come together and hopefully I will get followers to help things along... but until then I will keep going and see how things pan out... while I may not be a religious person I still believe in fate and faith.  Oh and Monthly Reads are located within the read years by the way.

new blog, new design, new methods

something went awry with the other blog and I said screw it... and started over.... all my posts I transferred over though, I don't know how many people actually read them, or how many people actually have visited my blog. Oh well keeps me entertained I guess maybe one day I will get more followers but until then I'm kinda glad I only have none or so little that way I don't have to keep up with any expectations of posting reviews so quickly. lol crazy right.... no not really what's crazy is that it's almost 4:30 in the morning here and I've been working on this dang blog for hours trying to get it fixed only to having to start over... oh well that's ok because at times I like starting out fresh give me a sense of freshness and right now I can use all the freshness along with creativeness I can. Oh and I'm going about the review stuff a whole different way, I think the way I am doing it now it a little more simpler than before... I mean granted I will s…


yayyy making some progress... I have completed 17 pages with my editing, and I've completed 2 pages of chapter 5... I don't know about you but I am quite excited about it... and welp here's those two pages of chapter 5 for your viewing pleasure....

Chapter 5 The next morning I wake up and think to myself that last night couldn’thave happened, that there wasn’t an accident, no gruesome scene, no death.  But if the accident didn’t happen then thatmeans Warren is not sleeping next to me, I frown at that thought.  So biting my lip I roll myself over backwardsa little and reach out with my hand behind me, I feel the warmth of skin nextto me.   I sigh in relief and roll myselfover completely so that I’m lying on my side next to him. I watch him sleep for a moment. I smile, I’m completely comfortable with Warren, when I am with him Ifeel alive again. Moving closer to him I drape my arm over his stomach, lean in and givehim a kiss on his shoulder.  He doesn’twake, just roll onto his si…

Reading/writing funks... and all around lost

I've been trying to work on my book, but haven't been feeling the creative juices, not since my external hard drive decided to wipe everything off of it. That included my book and all the edits I had made to it.  I've started working on the edits again but this time I'm working on the edit on a hard copy of chapters 1-4... I'm always starting to write chapter 5, but then again that process is coming out slowly as well.

My reading omg I have been in such a reading funk, I've read maybe three books this year which doesn't do good for my goodreads yearly challenge.

I'm also in a major funk, slump, desperately in need of a muse, on the title.  I cannot think of one to save my life.  So in a month or two I will probably be having a name this book contest.. cause my most recent edits should be completed or near to being completed on chapters 1-4.  It will include a mention when the book is published, and probably a gift card of sorts. so stay tuned for that.