yayyy making some progress... I have completed 17 pages with my editing, and I've completed 2 pages of chapter 5... I don't know about you but I am quite excited about it... and welp here's those two pages of chapter 5 for your viewing pleasure....

Chapter 5
The next morning I wake up and think to myself that last night couldn’thave happened, that there wasn’t an accident, no gruesome scene, no death.  But if the accident didn’t happen then thatmeans Warren is not sleeping next to me, I frown at that thought.  So biting my lip I roll myself over backwardsa little and reach out with my hand behind me, I feel the warmth of skin nextto me.   I sigh in relief and roll myselfover completely so that I’m lying on my side next to him.
I watch him sleep for a moment.
I smile, I’m completely comfortable with Warren, when I am with him Ifeel alive again.
Moving closer to him I drape my arm over his stomach, lean in and givehim a kiss on his shoulder.  He doesn’twake, just roll onto his side facing away from me.  I growl in my throat, but gently move hishair out of the way, moving closer to the back of his neck.  I kiss him there and this time he lets out asoft moan.  Next thing I know is he’sgrabbing my arm and pulling me almost on top of him as he rolls back onto hisback.
“Mmm, good morning.” He says eyelids barely cracked open, I smile backat him. “Morning” I lean myself on my arm against him, I could definitely getused to this. 
“How did you sleep?”
“I slept great, I loved having you in my arms, while I slept” he wrapshis arms around me puling me closer into him.
“How about you?”
I get a little hot in my cheeks and smile, “well once I fell back tosleep, I slept great myself. Being in your arms helped me get the best sleep Ihave had since my parents died.”
I look at him, he smiles a proud man smile, he then gets out of the bedand heads out the door.  I sit up andlean myself against the headboard. Warren comes back into my room, I immediately take a good look at him, Ifeel the heat start rising in my cheeks again. He’s standing there checking his cell in his underwear, his hairslightly messy from sleep. His slender body just there in all its glory, helooks very good in his underwear, wonder if he’d look good naked? Instant heatin my cheeks as I blush with the thought, just as Warren looks up at me,smiles, golden green eyes staring at me “Randie, what are you thinking aboutover there?” Shaking my head to wake myself out of the trance I was just in “ohnothing, I guess I’m not fully awake yet.”
He looks at me giving me a sly smile, I wonder if he believes me or ifhe knows what I was just thinking about. “Ok, is there going to be any coffee?”I climb out of my bed.
“Yeah I will go get some made and let you get dressed.”
I start walking towards the door when he grabs my arm and pulls me intohim. I place my hands upon his chest he immediately wraps his arms around meplacing his lips against mine.  I openmyself up to his kiss, his lips so soft and warm I just lose myself inhim.  I can tell he’s losing himself too,because he pulls me in tighter to him, to where I can feel his excitement allover his body.
Reluctantly I pull myself away from his embrace.
“Okay, I’ll get that coffee going.”
Before he can say anything I rush out my bedroom, closing the doorbehind me.  I’m floating on cloud nine onthe way down the stairs and to the kitchen, until I walk into the kitchen. Iquickly fall off my cloud when I see Shaun in the kitchen making coffee andDorian sitting at the counter with an empty coffee mug.  He looks up “Hey Randie” Shaun turns around “Morningcuz” then turns back to the coffee maker to finish up.  “Looks like you had a sleep over last night,I hope you were safe at least.” He barely turns and gives me the raised eyebrowlook, my eyes get all huge.
“Yes Warren stayed over last night!”
I notice in my peripheral view that Dorian is making some disapprovingface.
“BUT! We didn’t do anything, you perve's.”
I go sit down at the counter, I look down at it “There was an accidenton the highway after we left the party. It was Mackenzie Rudderick, her boyfriend Travis Smith and his brotherMichael Smith.”  I look up to see thatthey’ve both gone wide eyed, it was a minute or two before anyone spoke, thenShaun drops the lid to the coffee maker and says “No kidding?” he pushes the buttonto start it.  I just shook my head, “wereyou involved in this accident?” Dorian who looks really concerned, sittingpretty stiff in his chair grabbing the country tightly asks.  I swallowed “No, I was just following Warrenhome from the party and he saw the accident, I just made the phone call forhelp.”  Looking down I got upset withmyself for not doing more. 
“So are they ok?” Shaun asks leaning on the counter.  “Travis died before the paramedics arrived,he was thrown out of the car, and his neck was broken.” I remember back to theaccident and seeing him lying on the ground face down, or well what wassupposed to be face down, though his head was almost looking straight up to thesky.  “It was pretty gross.” I walk overto get myself a cup of coffee before continuing on, the guys are just sittingwaiting, whether it was their turn to coffee or for me to finish telling aboutwhat happened last night. 
I finish up taking my first sip, it was so good.  “Michael is in pretty bad shape, but I don’tknow how he is doing today, they wouldn’t give us any information lastnight.  Mackenzie was pronounced dead atthe scene, but funny thing though she is somehow alive, it’s very strange.”
I wipe away the tears that were starting when Warren appears, he wavesat Shaun, then sees Dorian and glares at him real quick before leaning down andgiving me a kiss.  That made one of Shaun’seyebrows rise, and heat rise to my cheeks though I don’t know if it was fromthe fluttering feelings I get from him, or the irritation I got because of hisshowing off in front of Dorian.  I’m notsure what Shaun is thinking but I am going to grill him later.
“Uh, Randie?” I look up at Dorian
“Yes Dorian?”
“Can I please speak to you alone?”
I first look to Warren who again is glaring at Dorian, then I look atShaun who is motioning his eyes towards Dorian, “Um, Okay, sure I guess.” 
Dorian and I walk out the back door into the backyard; I could feel Warren’seyes burning into our backs.
“Well Dorian, what is it that you wanted to talk to me about?”

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