Reading/writing funks... and all around lost

I've been trying to work on my book, but haven't been feeling the creative juices, not since my external hard drive decided to wipe everything off of it. That included my book and all the edits I had made to it.  I've started working on the edits again but this time I'm working on the edit on a hard copy of chapters 1-4... I'm always starting to write chapter 5, but then again that process is coming out slowly as well.

My reading omg I have been in such a reading funk, I've read maybe three books this year which doesn't do good for my goodreads yearly challenge.

I'm also in a major funk, slump, desperately in need of a muse, on the title.  I cannot think of one to save my life.  So in a month or two I will probably be having a name this book contest.. cause my most recent edits should be completed or near to being completed on chapters 1-4.  It will include a mention when the book is published, and probably a gift card of sorts. so stay tuned for that.

Until then I'm going to go work on my book and probably work on the my reviews this weekend as well

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