Finally productive...

finally I sat down and started typing in the edits I started making of what I have so far.  Yeah that started to make me snooze, editing is never any fun.  I don't know how editors and stuff do this all the time.  Well anywho I had finally sat down and just started typing it was great the ideas just kept pouring out of my head and whatnot and got four pages written... now of course mind you this is 4 letter sized pages, since I'm only just using word for my writing so much simpler and I already know the program.  Any rate wrote these 4 pages and will probably write more tonight after the kids go to sleep cause it helps when its quite around.

The weather here has been pretty whacky today been snowing one minute then sunny and blue the next, crazy ass weather.  I think they might have helped with just sitting down and writing. Oh and that fact that I haven't had the desire to get on Second Life right now or hang around on facebook. Though I love my friends on those and love hanging out with them online.  I really need to batten down the hatches here at home and get busy on this cause I really do want to get this published one day.  And hopefully I won't have to do the publishing myself though I will if I have too.

I also want to take a moment to thanks everyone who has supported me through this... My mother, my kids, my best friend, my friends on Facebook and Second life. It means the world to me that you are supporting me if not pushing me to keep going on, even if there have been moments where I've wanted to give up on it.  Thank you and I love you all

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