What's been done lately

I've added some more stuff to my blog, it's a slow progress but I guess anything worth while isn't anything to be rushed right.  So I've been working on some pages right now I've been working on 2009 which is located here. http://bookloverscozycafe.blogspot.com/p/read-in-2009.html I've completed April which is located here, http://bookloverscozycafe.blogspot.com/p/april-2009.html, and I need to get the font I used for Aprils Banner from my old commputer so I can make the rest of the months, but that's all I'm waiting for on May's 2009 books, which is located here... ok nevermind on May at the moment I seem to have made a goof by putting June on May oh well it will get fixed.... in the mean time I'm also planning on what's going to happen next in the book. I've been waiting on some feedback and edits from a friend on it so hopefully she will like it.

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