Bored indoors with the summers heat

Ok so with summer here and it actually feeling like summer, all I want to do is sit in front of a fan in a tank top and boxers with my kindle in hand, or lounging in the shade reading while my kids play in the pool. But alas as rent and bills need to be paid working sadly is a must do. Which really puts a damper on my reading and reviews. I need a vacation just to read lol, now writing haha that's a thing I want to do but don't seem to have enough hours in the day for. If only I could have my kindle or even paper and a pen...or even better I can email outside the company I'd get more accomplished. Haha probably not, my work gets pretty hectic. Maybe once we are moved and things settle i can actually make more time to sit down and write, but as it looks it might have to wait until school starts back up in August. Good things I've been keeping notes and ideas.

Currently I'm reviewing the book 'Marked' by A.N. Meade will hopefully be done with this book in a few days as I have 4 more behind this one. The ones I have left for June and the ones starting to come in for July, busy busy woman I've become. And honestly it's pretty fantastic.

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