June 18, 2015

Blood Vengeance (#2 of Deathly Night) By L.E. Wilson

25311288Blood Vengeance
#2 Deathly Night

Luukas Kreek is a Master Vampire - one of the most powerful of his time. He has survived for over 600 hundred years, through wars, uprisings, and rivals who've attempted to take what is his. The first of his kind that dared to cross an ocean, he even started his own colony in a brand new world, increasing his strength with every new vampire he's created. Nothing can defeat him.

Until now...

Keira Moss has been secretly honing her magic her entire life in order to protect herself and her family from the corruption in their coven. Never would she have thought she could be forced to use her powers for anything other than the good of her family, until the one person she cares about most in the world is attacked and threatened.

One bound by chains and one bound by love, Luukas and Keira are forced into a nightmare, with no end in sight.

Survival is their choice. Love is their destiny.

My Rating & Review
Blood Vengeance
L.E. Wilson

I received this book from the author to read and enjoy, and in return give my honest opinion and review of it. Alright, so Blood Vengeance is book #2 of L.E. Wilson Paranormal Romance series, 'Deathless Night' series. This book is about Luukas and Keira. Now if you've read the first book 'Blood Hunger' you know exactly who Luukas and Keira are. If you haven't then you need to stop reading this review and pick up Blood Hunger and start reading.

Ok so this book takes place partially at the very same time Nik and Emma's story is taking place. It shows what goes on, so that it makes it more understandable on what happened to Luukas therefore answering my question in my last review about him. But now raises more questions such as: Did Aiden get turned into a demon vampire thing? Who is the cloaked man, he seems very intriguing. And what's to come of the others? So many questions and it keeps me wanting to read this series.

What I liked about this book, again like its predecessor, it was easy to read, easy to get lost in the story. And it is well written. I also like how so many things are still a mystery and in each book something new is revealed, making it so that each book has a piece of the puzzle to it.

Personally, for me the only thing I found wrong with this book was, it could've used maybe just a little more action. And though Kiera felt bad for her part in Luukas's torture, she was just a little to complacent with everything, I think she could've shown more spunk than the little bit we get to see in this book. Maybe in the future books though she'll be a side character we will see more spunk from her.

Otherwise this was a fantastic book a definite 4 stars from me, and I highly recommend reading this series as I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

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