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Wicked Circle (Persephone Alcmedi #5) By Linda Robertson

The fifth in the exciting urban fantasy series featuring Persephone Alcmedi, a modern-day witch with a sexy werewolf boyfriend. 

Persephone Alcmedi has helped her waerewolf lover Johnny unlock his powers. Now she must come to the aid of Menessos, the vampire overlord she has secretly marked. Beset by a trio of truth-seeking vampire sisters so dangerous their own kind keep them confined in stone, he now needs her more than ever...and she realizes her need for him. Seph has magical promises to fulfill for the waeres, multiple mundane family challenges to meet, vampire politics to confront, both the supernatural males in her life to balance, a dragon to deal with...and then a government investigator shows up to complicate matters.
(Goodreads Blurb)

MyRating & Review Wicked Circle (Persephone Alcmedi #5) Linda Robertson We start this book, with Persephone, her grandmother and mom performing a ceremony. Then Persephone is called home because something big is going on home, and she is …

Dark Lover (Master's of Time #5/ Rose Trilogy #3) By Brenda Joyce

Ian Maclean's arrogance hides a terrible secret--for decades he was held prisoner by demons. Not a day goes by that he isn't tormented by his darkest fears of powerlessness. Now he is about to sell to the highest bidder a page he's stolen from the Book of Power--if one woman doesn't stop him.Slayer Samantha Rose's latest mission is to recover the stolen page--and get payback from the only man who's ever rejected her. What she hasn't counted on is the raging attraction between them--or her growing realization of what Maclean has survived. As the powers of the evil from his past gather, Sam will do anything to help him--even if it means following him into time and facing his worst nightmares with him....
(Goodreads Blurb)

My Rating & Review Dark Lover (Master's of Time #5/ Rose Trilogy #3) Brenda Joyce What an awesome book this was! 
Ian Mclean son of Aidan the wolf of Awe, has been a playboy millionaire, who is ruthless and always gets what he wants…

Tangle of Need (Psy-Changeling #11) By Nalini Singh

Adria, wolf changeling and resilient soldier, has made a break with the past—one as unpredictable in love as it was in war. Now comes a new territory, and a devastating new complication: Riaz, a SnowDancer lieutenant already sworn to a desperate woman who belongs to another.

For Riaz, the primal attraction he feels for Adria is a staggering betrayal. For Adria, his dangerous lone-wolf appeal is beyond sexual. It consumes her. It terrifies her. It threatens to undermine everything she has built of her new life. But fighting their wild compulsion toward one another proves a losing battle.

Their coming together is an inferno…and a melding of two wounded souls who promise each other no commitment, no ties, no bonds. Only pleasure. Too late, they realize that they have more to lose than they ever imagined. Drawn into a cataclysmic Psy war that may alter the fate of the world itself, they must make a decision that might just break them both.

My Rating and Review Tangle of Need (Psy-Changel…

The Vampire and the Virgin (Love at Stake #8) By Kerrelyn Sparks

Olivia's packing list:
1. Sunscreen 2. Bathing suit 3. Flip-flops
FBI psychologist Olivia Sotiris was looking for a cool ocean breeze, sand between her toes, and a break from her crazy, chaotic, and sometimes all-too-dangerous life. But when she escaped to the small Greek island of Patmos, all she got were meddling grandmothers trying to marry her off. Can't they see that none of the men around interests her—except Robby MacKay?
Robby's packing list:
1. Synthetic blood 2. More synthetic blood 3. Jogging clothes (even vamps have to stay in shape!)
Robby needs to cool off, too, since all he can think about is revenge on the Malcontent bloodsuckers who once held him captive—but then he meets Olivia, the beauty with wild curls and a tempting smile. When a deadly criminal from a case back home tracks her down, Robby will have to save her life—along with giving her a first time she'll never forget . . .

My Rating and Review The Vampire and the Virgin (Love at Stake #8)  Ker…

Try Me (Demon Underground #2) By Parker Blue

This part-demon teen vampire fighter and her faithful terrier hellhound are once again patrolling the dark city streets of San Antonio, Texas. Val's hunky human partner, Detective Dan Sullivan, is giving her the cold shoulder since she beheaded his vampire ex-fiance. Vamp leader Alejandro is struggling to keep the peace between vamps, demons and humans. The mucho powerful Encyclopedia Magicka has been stolen, someone in the Demon Underground is poisoning vamps, and Val's inner lust demon, Lola, is getting very restless since Val's now partnered with sexy Shade, the shadow demon with the blond good looks of an angel. The second book in Parker Blue's Demon Underground urban fantasy series plunges readers deeper into a heady world of passion, friendship, intrigue and mystery. Parker Blue lives in the wilds of Colorado with her own faithful hellhound, and she's hard at work on the next Val Shapiro book in the Demon Underground series.
(Goodreads Blurb)

My Review Try Me…

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Succubi Like it Hot- (Succubus Diaries #2) By Jill Myles

NOBODY SAID SUCKING WAS EASY.With a hot new figure, her dream job as an archaeologist, and twogorgeous boyfriends to scratch her seductive Itch — an angel and a vampire — Jackie Brighton is totally getting the hang of life as a succubus. Then she accidentally knocks the pizza guy unconscious with her touch. Great — she'scursed. After striking a deal to get the curse lifted by a crafty demon, Jackie and her best friend Remy take a road trip to deliver a cryptic message to the nation's oldest succubus. Unfortunately, neither of her jealous lovers is talking to Jackie right now, and due to the curse, she's desperate to get her Itch scratched very soon. Their journey gets weirder with every mile — demonic possession, a charming stalker, a cryptic warning — and when they get to New Orleans, Jackie discovers a dangerous catch to her supernatural bargain. Someone wants her dead — again. Can a brainy vixen in a miniskirt outsmart the forces of evil? (Goodreads & Amazon Blurb)


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Hit List- Laurall K. Hamilton

BY: Laurell K. Hamilton
SERIES: Anita Blake # 20
GENRE: Urban Fantasy
PUBLICATION: Published June 7th 2011 by

SYNOPSIS A serial killer is hunting the Pacific Northwest, murdering victims in a gruesome and spectacular way. The local police suspect "monsters" are involved, and have called in Anita Blake and Edward, U.S. Marshals who really know their monsters, to catch the killer.

MY REVIEW Alright so this book was pretty full of action in it, and barely any sex at all, which honestly was kind of refreshing though, I did miss the guys from St. Louis. But what I loved most about this book was the relationship between Edward and Anita. I've always wondered how much they actually ment to each other and this book shows exactly that. It's great to know this about those two, especially with their dynamics. And OMG OLAF, the next books are gonna be highly entertaining.

Blood Games By Chloe Neil

BY: Chloe Neill
SERIES: Chicagoland Vampires #10
GENRE: Urban Fantasy
PUBLICATION: August 14, 2014 By NAL Trade

SYNOPSIS While Merit didn’t choose to become a vampire or Sentinel of Cadogan House, she vowed to fight for her House and its Master, and she’s managed to forge strong alliances with powerful supernaturals across Chicago. But even though Merit has had wild adventures, this may be her deadliest yet...

A killer is stalking Chicago, preying on humans and leaving his victims with magical souvenirs. The CPD hasn’t been able to track the assailant, and as the body count rises, the city is running out of options. Vampires and humans aren’t on great terms, but murder makes for strange bedfellows. Can Merit find the killer before she becomes a target?

MY REVIEW what a great way to start close out one chapter of the series and start another. in this book Ethan continues on with his challenge against Darius for the head of the GF. while this is going on, more c…