Succubi Like it Hot- (Succubus Diaries #2) By Jill Myles

Succubi Like It Hot (Succubus Diaries, #2)With a hot new figure, her dream job as an archaeologist, and twogorgeous boyfriends to scratch her seductive Itch — an angel and a vampire — Jackie Brighton is totally getting the hang of life as a succubus. Then she accidentally knocks the pizza guy unconscious with her touch. Great — she'scursed. After striking a deal to get the curse lifted by a crafty demon, Jackie and her best friend Remy take a road trip to deliver a cryptic message to the nation's oldest succubus. Unfortunately, neither of her jealous lovers is talking to Jackie right now, and due to the curse, she's desperate to get her Itch scratched very soon. Their journey gets weirder with every mile — demonic possession, a charming stalker, a cryptic warning — and when they get to New Orleans, Jackie discovers a dangerous catch to her supernatural bargain. Someone wants her dead — again. Can a brainy vixen in a miniskirt outsmart the forces of evil?
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Jackie Brighton’s life as a succubus is going great: she’s gone from mousy to bombshell, and although she has to have sex every forty-eight hours or die, she has two hot guys—the vampire Zane and the angel Noah—to scratch her Itch. But then her Itch accelerates to every twenty-four hours, and she’s suddenly waking people’s unconscious just by touching them. Something’s out of control so she and Remy, her mentor, go on an adventure-filled road trip to New Orleans to consult with the oldest succubus in the United States. Jackie learns she’s been cursed by a vampire queen—and reversing the curse demands a price she’s not willing to pay.

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My Review & Rating

This book was really, it's a totally different take on the love triangle scenario. Jackie is a newly turned Succubus, and to become a succubus in this series, it takes a vampire and a fallen angel also called Serim to do this. Well Jackie is lovers to both her sires, Zane and Noel. Zane is very sultry and playful vampire, and Noah a very sexy but serious Serim. In this book Jackie has to struggle between her lover's because both are wanting her to choose one or the other, but while in the midst of this she somehow gains a curse, a curse that causes her to feed more than usual, and will eventually kill her. So her decision making taking a halt while she tries to make her way to New Orleans to figure who gave her this curse and to get rid of it once and for all. During this escapade she meets a very sexy man named Luc who makes her feel good, but gives her the heeby jeebies as well. It's a craptastic week for Jackie all around, as Noah wants a break because he wants monogamy, Zane leaves her high in dry in the middle of the road trip to New Orleans, her newly founded best friend Remy, is possessed by a creature, that is now taking control of her, and Luc the mysterious sexy man who is followin her, and then of course her curse. Typical shenanigans for this crew, until the end. However the end wanted to make me cry but I can't tell you what happened, because that will ruin the story.

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