Tangle of Need (Psy-Changeling #11) By Nalini Singh

Tangle of Need (Psy-Changeling, #11)Adria, wolf changeling and resilient soldier, has made a break with the past—one as unpredictable in love as it was in war. Now comes a new territory, and a devastating new complication: Riaz, a SnowDancer lieutenant already sworn to a desperate woman who belongs to another.

For Riaz, the primal attraction he feels for Adria is a staggering betrayal. For Adria, his dangerous lone-wolf appeal is beyond sexual. It consumes her. It terrifies her. It threatens to undermine everything she has built of her new life. But fighting their wild compulsion toward one another proves a losing battle.

Their coming together is an inferno…and a melding of two wounded souls who promise each other no commitment, no ties, no bonds. Only pleasure. Too late, they realize that they have more to lose than they ever imagined. Drawn into a cataclysmic Psy war that may alter the fate of the world itself, they must make a decision that might just break them both.

My Rating and Review
Tangle of Need (Psy-Changeling #11)
Nalini Singh

This book was very exciting in a variety of ways, one the relationship between Riaz and Adira, next the growth of Sienna and Hawke as the Alpha couple and third the Psy war on each other. This book definitely leads up to the inevitable war of the Psy breaking Silence, as Henry and the other Pure Psy people rage war on their own people, and the changelings and humans as well.

In this book Riaz a lone wolf decides to come back home to his pack, his den. Lonely and willful as he determines he is destined to be alone his entire life because his "mate" was already married and in love with her husband. Adria, a recently divorced/unmated wolf, is trying hard to maintain her strength as she suffers from the hurt of her failed marriage. Together these two strong but very hurt wolves make a deal to become lover's with no strings attached, but as time passes and with each encounter both of these wolves come to adore each other. To the point that no matter what crosses them they can't live without each other.

Meanwhile, Henry the ex-councilor lays burned and destroyed from the cold fire Sienna gave to the pure psy that attacke Snowdancer. His first in command Valesquez takes initiative with Henry's permission to continue what they've started to make a point that pure psy and silence is the way of the psy. And they do this by attacking Anchor's people who maintain the balance in the psynet. Some of the psy ex councilors contract the wolves and cats help with protecting these people. They make a start on countering the war attacks, but they all know the biggest part of it is still to come.

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