Review: Maximum Ride Forever

Maximum Ride Forever Maximum Ride Forever by James Patterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So this was the last of the maximum ride series. And just like its predecessors it didn't fail to get me enthralled and sucked into the story. The one thing I like and is also scary at the same time, is that the events in these books actually happen. So it definitely brings some realism into the heart of the story even though it's fictional. In this book it's the end of the world the start of the apocalypse. And max and her gang continue to try to save the world. But this is so much different than others. You meet more characters more bad guys, things you thought you knew come to be more than what you knew. And most of all love and sacrifice. Patterson finished the series in a most epic way, and I'm glad for that because sometimes our favorite series end in away you didn't like or expect, this one is not the case.

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