Review: Collector of Souls

Collector of Souls Collector of Souls by Naomi Lucas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First and foremost, I had received this book in place of an honest review. Secondly I would like to apologize to the author Naomi Lucas, for taking forever with this review.

Alright so on to the book, I have not read the first book yet, but reading this one I would like to read the first one and the third one. This was set in a world like no others, like literally, you know it's set on Earth or what was earth. But there is a different species as well. This book is like a medieval saga, mixed with sci-if and a weird kind of romance. It's hard to describe any of it, but the world this author created was so vivid and surreal it kept me interested when I actually had time to pick reading back up. I love the character, I love the world, it's was crazy and awesome wrapped in one entity.

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