When the best laid plans, don't go as planned

I had planned on reading as many "Review Requests" in the month of June, well I've completed one and have only 24% of the second one completed, which was to be part of the VBT, I had posted a few days ago.

But I have my son that I have joint custody over, with my ex husband. And since having him, I have forgotten how exhausting it is to have all my children together.  So I have not had much reading time, because by the time I get to read, I end up falling asleep quickly. Now I have a total of three boys ages 10, 7 1/2 and 5. My 10 year old is starting puberty.

That is hell on it's own, no one is ever fully prepared for when their children, reach this stage in life. One minute it's "i'm great, happy go lucky" the next minute it's "GRRRRR I'm pissed off" then the next it's "Why, does everyone hate me" *Cries*.

So besides being utterly exhausted, i'm also looking for another job, since the one I had at Subway didn't pan out. (Just another crappy place to work at). Also I'm in Classes again, err well Class lol. So that takes up some of my time as well.

But hopefully after my 7 1/2 year old goes home on Sunday, things will calm down again enough to where I'm able to get more reading time in.

But I am continuing on my "Review Request" books, and will get the read as soon as humanly possible.

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