100 Degree weather

It's a scorching 100 degrees out today, and out air conditioner isn't working right either... talk about ugh and miserable.

Then to top if off, my son's kindle half the screen is black, so I called Amazon Customer Service, first person I talked too says "Well I can send you a replacement, but if there is damage to it, we will be sending your old one back, and asking for the new one back". Crappy Right?!

Well I get disconnected, so I call back and get a lady named Fabian, she was a doll. She made an exception and is replacing the kindle free of charge. Now that's customer service, and really has restored my faith in Amazon.com again. So we'll be getting a new kindle by Thursday, however, I'm keeping the new kindle and giving my son mine.  This time if one of the kids break their kindles, they can go without.

But while I was on Amazon's site, I saw something about the Amazon Affiliate Program, so I'm like "Cool what's this about" so I go an sign up for it, only to get seriously cock blocked. Residents of Colorado, and other states are not permitted to be an Affiliate because of some law called HB10-1192 and HB10-1193, it's about sales taxes. *Rolls Eyes*

Oh wells, I guess maybe I'll try it again, when I move out of Colorado, and maybe I won't. Who knows.

It's all bullshit to me.

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