December 18, 2012

REVIEW: Divine Misdemeanors- Laurell K. Hamilton

Divine Misdemeanors (Meredith Gentry, #8)Divine Misdemeanors 
Merry Gentry Series #8
~Laurell K. Hamilton~
Published: December 8th 2009 by Ballantine Books
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Average Rating: 3.97

You may know me best as Meredith Nic Essus, princess of faerie. Or perhaps as Merry Gentry, Los Angeles private eye. In the fey and mortal realms alike, my life is the stuff of royal intrigue and celebrity drama. Among my own, I have confronted horrendous enemies, endured my noble kin’s treachery and malevolence, and honored my duty to conceive a royal heir—all for the right to claim the throne. But I turned my back on court and crown, choosing exile in the human world—and in the arms of my beloved Frost and Darkness.
While I may have rejected the monarchy, I cannot abandon my people. Someone is killing the fey, which has left the LAPD baffled and my guardsmen and me deeply disturbed. My kind are not easily captured or killed. At least not by mortals. I must get to the bottom of these horrendous murders, even if that means going up against Gilda, the Fairy Godmother, my rival for fey loyalties in Los Angeles.
But even stranger things are happening. Mortals I once healed with magic are suddenly performing miracles, a shocking phenomenon wreaking havoc on human/faerie relations. Though I am innocent, dark suspicions of banned magical activities swirl around me.
I thought I’d left the blood and politics behind in my own turbulent realm. I had dreamed of an idyllic life in sunny L.A. with my beloved ones beside me. But it becomes time to wake up and realize that evil knows no borders, and that nobody lives forever—even if they’re magical.

Some say this has been the best book of the series, I say it's not. the earlier books were by far so much better in my opinion. there was just too much whining, and bickering going on with Merry and her men, to the point I was rolling my eyes on it. The plot was good, but it just seemed weird with no one going after them personally. However I do hope Ms. Hamilton truly will continue on with this series. I would like to see what comes of Rhys new place, and what will come of the other guys as well. And what will happen after the babies are born.

REVIEW: Chill Factor-Rachel Caine

Chill Factor (Weather Warden, #3)Chill Factor
~Rachel Caine~
Published: Roc (January 4, 2005)
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Average Rating: 4.4 on Amazon

Weather Warden Joanne Baldwin has protected the human race from monster storms, been killed, reborn as a Djinn, and then restored to her original form. Now she's throwing the dice to stop an infinitely powerful, deeply disturbed kid-who is holed up in a Vegas hotel-from bringing on a new ice age.

this book had me so engrossed that I couldn't put it down until I was finished with it. I feel bad for Jo, she goes through so much crap. Poor David, I wonder how they will save him? These books are quite unique in anything I have ever read. I have never quite read any book that involved, people who controlled weather like the wardens do, or basically the fact any books about djinn, mainly when you think of djinn, you think of the evil version of the "genie in the bottle." Ms. Caine has got quite the imagination to pull these books together, to where they grasp your attention immediately and hold onto it until the very end. I am excited to read the next book, as soon as I get my hands on it.


This is completely random, but that's ok... I like being random...
But this past weekend I had a movie weekend.... I'm going to give my opinions on these movies.... and yes it's out of the ordinary, but hey it's ok.

If you've seen the movie "Clash of the Titans" the newest one with Sam Worthington, then you will know that this one is the sequel to that movie.  It starts off basically with Zeus talking about how the end of the Gods is coming, and that the only savior of the world is Perseus, and that he will soon have to face his destiny.  During this movie Perseus, tries to ignore the will of his Father, and wants to just live out his life with his son, and a poor fisherman. But soon, Ares, and Hades...captured Zeus and left him to be drained by their father the king of the Titans "Cronus".  Afterwards Perseus is thrown into the battle he solely wanted to stay away from.  He meets up with Andromeda, the Queen of Greece. They then go on the adventure to make they're way into the heart of Tartarus. It was a pretty epic movie, and quite sad in some areas. I enjoyed it and if you loved Clash of the titans, then you will like this one.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days PosterThese movies crack me up, I love watching them whether it's by myself or with my kids. The kid they have playing the main character is just absolutely perfect for his role, and Rodrick man he makes me laugh so hard. The father Steve Zahn, just classic. I cannot rave more about this movies or any of these movies, because they are just great movies, and especially great ones to sit with you kids one night with a bowl of popcorn, and cuddling having a good family night with a good movie.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Posterok now I enjoyed this movie, it was not my favorite... I think they could've done a lot better than what they did... I wanted to see the other vampires abilities and watch Bella's powers grow. I just felt it was lacking some from what could've been an epic movie if it would've had more of what was in the book in the movie. Now however flaws I noticed... Bella's eyes, ok throughout the entire book her eyes were supposed to be crimson, yet however her eyes were only crimson at the beginning of the movie, and her eyes were a brownish, amber. I didn't like that. I would've also loved to have seen the little bit of the showdown that was in the book, where Bella is shielding and Edward asks if Jane would quit trying to attack his wife. And Janes brother using his abilities as well. Oh here's a the biggest part that urked me the most.... the computer animated job they did on Reneesme was seriously slacking, I know they could've done much better on that. But all in all it was a good movie not my favorite out of the series but good.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter PosterI have not read this book, but after watching the movie it kind of makes me want to read it more. It's was an interesting take on the civil war. I enjoyed it, it was definitely not your typical vampire hunter movie. And wow it was an unbelievable casting for Lincoln. Well done on that

Step Up Revolution PosterProbably the next best out of the Step Up series next to Step Up 3: I liked how this was more organized, like they had a statement to say.  And the artist for them OMG that was some wicked stuff. I would've liked to see Moose and Vladimir more, cause um Yum Madd Chad is uber delicious. But I enjoyed it and will probably end up watching it over and over again. I also loved seeing Mia Michaels in this and a bunch of the past contestants from one of my favorite shows "So you think you can dance".

Snow White and the Huntsman PosterThis was the best movie I saw over the entire weekend. Chris Hemsworth is just gorgeous, but while I'm not a super big fan of Kristen Stewart I must say she did and excellent job in the movie.  I think she was made to play roles in epic movies. Her speech after she was brought back to life was just awesome. Charlize Theron, beautiful as ever, and so awesome as the wicked queen. I loved the way they did this movie, I especially loved the fairies and the white stag. Just great!

REVIEW: Taken by Midnight- Lara Adrian

Taken by Midnight (Midnight Breed, #8)Taken by Midnight
~ Lara Adrian~
Published:September 28th 2010 by Dell (first published January 1st 2010)
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Average Rating: 4.25

In the frozen Alaskan wilderness, former state trooper Jenna Darrow survives an unspeakable breach of body and soul. But with her narrow escape comes an even greater challenge. For strange changes are taking place within her, as she struggles to understand—and control—a new hunger. To do so, she will seek shelter in the Boston compound of the Order, an ancient race of vampire warriors whose very existence is shrouded in mystery. Perhaps the most mysterious of them all is Brock, a brooding, dark-eyed alpha male whose hands hold the power to comfort, heal . . . and arouse.
As she recovers under Brock’s care, Jenna finds herself drawn to the Order’s mission: to stop a ruthless enemy and its army of assassins from subjecting Earth to a reign of terror. Yet in spite of their resolve, a purely physical relationship without strings soon binds Brock and Jenna together with a desire fiercer than life and stronger than death itself—until a secret from Brock’s past and Jenna’s own mortality challenges their forbidden love to the ultimate trial by fire.

I really enjoyed this one. though I'm quite curious on what's happening to jema? will we see more of what she is turning into in future books? I really hope so.

December 14, 2012


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REVIEW: Born to Bite- Lynsay Sands

Born to Bite (Argeneau, #13)BORN TO BITE
Argeneau Series # 13
~Lynsay Sands~
Published: September 10, 2010 by Avon Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Legend has it that Armand Argeneau is a killer in the bedroom . . .
But with all three of his late wives meeting unfortunate and untimely ends, is this sexy immortal a lover or a murderer? That's what Eshe d'Aureus intends to find out. As an enforcer, it's her job to bring rogue vampires to justice, even if the rogue in question makes her blood race red hot.

Armand knew she was trouble the moment Eshe roared into town on her motorcycle, clad in tight black leather. She claims she's hiding from dangerous fiends, though he suspects something more. But after three wives who've all had trouble remaining, well, undead, Armand is reluctant to open his heart again. Then strange accidents start to happen, each deadlier than the last, and Armand realizes he may not have much time to prove he's a lover, not a

probably one of my favorites. it's so great that Nicholas,(sp), Thomas, and Jeannie all have their father back. but how weird do you think it would be having Eshe (sp) as their soon to be step-mommie? I always love Ms. Sands books, they're enjoyable, highly entertaining, quirky, comical, filled with heat. I will be immensely sad when this series comes to and end. (not one of my best reviews)

Been slacking

Sorry folks, I've been slacking on my reviews. But now that finals are over, I will get my reviews updated, and start getting onto my Author asked reviews.

Love & Prayers to the folks at Sandy Hook Elementary

Such a tragedy to happen to such innocents. I give my respects, condolences, and my heart and prayers to the families involved with this. Please share and pass on to let them know we are all there for them, at least in spirit and our hearts.

December 8, 2012

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Review: Phantom in the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Phantom in the Night (B.A.D. Series, #2)Title: The Phantom in the Night
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Series:  B.A.D.  #2
 Genre:  Romance
 Format: Paperback (404 pages)
Published:  June 10th 2008 by Pocket Books
Average Rating:  3.95

Nathan Drake has spent his life protecting his family, the only thing that matters to him...until the most feared drug lord in the southeast takes everything Nathan holds dear. Now he's a man on a mission with nothing to lose. He figures he only needs to stay alive long enough to protect the innocent lives the killers are out to destroy.

As the two of them seek a similar goal by different means, Terri and Nathan are drawn deep into an evil underbelly that cuts through all levels of society. Now two people who have no reason to trust must trust in each other or die. And if they die, a deadly attack will be unleashed on thousands of innocent people.

don't usually go for the non-paranormal books. But I had read one of the BAD in an anthology and enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the first of the series as well. So I'm continuing on with the series and Ms. Kenyon, has not let me down yet.

December 6, 2012

Review: The Harlequin by Laurell K. Hamilton

The Harlequin (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #15)**Title: The Harlequin
***Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
****Series: Anita Blake #15
*****Format Read: Paperback (432 pages)
******Published: June 5th 2007 by Berkley
*******Average Rating: 3.86

Anita Blake is about to face the challenge of her life. Into her world-a world already overflowing with power-have come creatures so feared that powerful, centuries-old vampires refuse to mention their names. It is forbidden to speak of The Harlequin unless you've been contacted. And to be contacted by The Harlequin is to be under sentence of death.

Long-time rivals for Anita's affections, Jean-Claude, Master Vampire of the City, and Richard, alpha-werewolf, will need to become allies. Shapeshifters Nathaniel and Micah will have to step up their support. And then there's Edward. In this situation, Anita knows that she needs to call the one man who has always been there for her...

This was probably the best Anita book I've since the...well since the ardeur (sp) started and Anita became a whore. Sorry to say that because I love Anita, but she did turn into quite the whore... it was getting to the point where I thought Ms. Hamilton had crossed wires, between the Anita Blake series and the Meredith Gentry series. Because in Anita's first 8 or 9 book maybe less she was this complete barney bad-ass that kicked anyone's ass the f****ed with her. Then she started turning into this whiny whimpering, sex fiend. Then in the Meredith books, she's supposed to sleep around with as many guys as possible, and that was the whole basis of the books, to stay alive, and screw as many fairies as possible to conceive a child to gain the throne. But somehow they both totally flip-flopped, Anita went into whore mode, and Merry turned into the barney bad ass. Now don't get me wrong I love both series, and I a still hoping the the Meredith Gentry series will continue for a little longer. It just seems odd how the main female character flip flops into what another lead female character in another story is supposed to be.

Anywho, this book I enjoy immensely. One the lack of sex was great, it was a nice change of pace from how the series is going. Two you get to see Edward again, I just love him. Three Anita is having doubts about Nathaniel, well in my opinion... ABOUT DAMNED TIME. I like Nathaniel, but I don't see him as Anita's type, he's too submissive for my taste. Four the best best BEST part of the book, is when Anita went off on Richard, that she had finally had enough of his bullsh*t. Jean-Claude too it was so great, I was whooping for them both while reading that. Richard is a self rightous bastard, who doesn't know his a$$ from his head. I totally loved it though, never liked the guy... there was a book or two where I had thought that maybe he was deemable then he went and screwed things up again. Wish him the best but BUBYE BUCKAROO!

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