This is completely random, but that's ok... I like being random...
But this past weekend I had a movie weekend.... I'm going to give my opinions on these movies.... and yes it's out of the ordinary, but hey it's ok.

If you've seen the movie "Clash of the Titans" the newest one with Sam Worthington, then you will know that this one is the sequel to that movie.  It starts off basically with Zeus talking about how the end of the Gods is coming, and that the only savior of the world is Perseus, and that he will soon have to face his destiny.  During this movie Perseus, tries to ignore the will of his Father, and wants to just live out his life with his son, and a poor fisherman. But soon, Ares, and Hades...captured Zeus and left him to be drained by their father the king of the Titans "Cronus".  Afterwards Perseus is thrown into the battle he solely wanted to stay away from.  He meets up with Andromeda, the Queen of Greece. They then go on the adventure to make they're way into the heart of Tartarus. It was a pretty epic movie, and quite sad in some areas. I enjoyed it and if you loved Clash of the titans, then you will like this one.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days PosterThese movies crack me up, I love watching them whether it's by myself or with my kids. The kid they have playing the main character is just absolutely perfect for his role, and Rodrick man he makes me laugh so hard. The father Steve Zahn, just classic. I cannot rave more about this movies or any of these movies, because they are just great movies, and especially great ones to sit with you kids one night with a bowl of popcorn, and cuddling having a good family night with a good movie.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Posterok now I enjoyed this movie, it was not my favorite... I think they could've done a lot better than what they did... I wanted to see the other vampires abilities and watch Bella's powers grow. I just felt it was lacking some from what could've been an epic movie if it would've had more of what was in the book in the movie. Now however flaws I noticed... Bella's eyes, ok throughout the entire book her eyes were supposed to be crimson, yet however her eyes were only crimson at the beginning of the movie, and her eyes were a brownish, amber. I didn't like that. I would've also loved to have seen the little bit of the showdown that was in the book, where Bella is shielding and Edward asks if Jane would quit trying to attack his wife. And Janes brother using his abilities as well. Oh here's a the biggest part that urked me the most.... the computer animated job they did on Reneesme was seriously slacking, I know they could've done much better on that. But all in all it was a good movie not my favorite out of the series but good.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter PosterI have not read this book, but after watching the movie it kind of makes me want to read it more. It's was an interesting take on the civil war. I enjoyed it, it was definitely not your typical vampire hunter movie. And wow it was an unbelievable casting for Lincoln. Well done on that

Step Up Revolution PosterProbably the next best out of the Step Up series next to Step Up 3: I liked how this was more organized, like they had a statement to say.  And the artist for them OMG that was some wicked stuff. I would've liked to see Moose and Vladimir more, cause um Yum Madd Chad is uber delicious. But I enjoyed it and will probably end up watching it over and over again. I also loved seeing Mia Michaels in this and a bunch of the past contestants from one of my favorite shows "So you think you can dance".

Snow White and the Huntsman PosterThis was the best movie I saw over the entire weekend. Chris Hemsworth is just gorgeous, but while I'm not a super big fan of Kristen Stewart I must say she did and excellent job in the movie.  I think she was made to play roles in epic movies. Her speech after she was brought back to life was just awesome. Charlize Theron, beautiful as ever, and so awesome as the wicked queen. I loved the way they did this movie, I especially loved the fairies and the white stag. Just great!

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