Review: Phantom in the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Phantom in the Night (B.A.D. Series, #2)Title: The Phantom in the Night
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Series:  B.A.D.  #2
 Genre:  Romance
 Format: Paperback (404 pages)
Published:  June 10th 2008 by Pocket Books
Average Rating:  3.95

Nathan Drake has spent his life protecting his family, the only thing that matters to him...until the most feared drug lord in the southeast takes everything Nathan holds dear. Now he's a man on a mission with nothing to lose. He figures he only needs to stay alive long enough to protect the innocent lives the killers are out to destroy.

As the two of them seek a similar goal by different means, Terri and Nathan are drawn deep into an evil underbelly that cuts through all levels of society. Now two people who have no reason to trust must trust in each other or die. And if they die, a deadly attack will be unleashed on thousands of innocent people.

don't usually go for the non-paranormal books. But I had read one of the BAD in an anthology and enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the first of the series as well. So I'm continuing on with the series and Ms. Kenyon, has not let me down yet.

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