Review: Witch Island by Victor Pryce

Title: Witch Island
Author: Victor Pryce
Series: N/A
Genre: Adventure
Got From: Author
Format: Ebook
Witch Island or Killing Me With KindnessPublication: April 2012 by Victor Pryce
Average Review: 4.00

A terrible storm has cast a sailor from the rigging to an island unknown. He waits for rescue only to discover two more castaways. Now they must survive the island and each other until help can be hailed. The sea can supply their needs, but a dangerous plan threatens to destroy them where the island cannot. Will they still be waiting when help arrives?
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This book was well written, and very concise in it's wording. Three shipwrecked people survivng on an unknown island with only the hope of getting rescued. There was a sense of a common community, selfishness, selflessness, anger, hatred, love, a survival all in this book. I cannot go into too much details about this book without giving key points away. But, it was a good read, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys, and adventure type book.

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