A favor!!

I am doing a semester long Topic in my English class... I have to have a 20-30 page paper due at the end of it. My topic is "Online Dating" I need as many as possible people to answer a questionnaire/interview for the purposes of this paper. I need people on both sides of the spectrum, ones who think postive about it, and ones who are negative about it. Etc. Etc.

If you will do this for me please copy down the questions below and email them back to me @ Smullins7979@gmail.com

Note: everything is confidential!!!

Online Dating Interview questionnaire.

1. Have you ever dated someone online?

2. What methods have you used in Dating online (ei.. dating sites, social media sites, World of Warcraft, Second life, chat room, email, etc…)

3. Why do you do online dating?

4. If you’ve never dated someone online, what is your opinion on people who do?

5. Do you feel more comfortable expressing yourself more in an online relationship than a face to face one at least to begin with?

6. Do you feel you get to know the person better using the online dating method, rather than meeting them as the usual places (ei… bars, clubs, work, school?

7. What about sex in an online relationship?

8. How long have your online relationships lasted?

9. Have you ever fallen in love with someone online?

10. Have you ever met someone you’ve dated online face to face?

11. If yes how did that go? If no would you?

12. Do you worry about the potential of meeting someone who could harm you?

13. Do you prefer online dating over the traditional methods of dating? Why?

14. What are the negatives about online relationships?

15. What are the positives about online relationships?

16. Do you think people are honest about themselves online?

17. Do you ever feel lonely even though you are dating someone online?

18. What do you look for in a potential partner while online dating? (age, sex, physical features, education, career , etc)

19. Have you ever used misconception (whether is be about age, or physical appearance or career etc.) in your online profile?

20. What do you think of people who use misconceptions in theirs?

21. Do you have to see a picture of someone to date them online?

22. When does it come across that the other person is either not fully interested or is lying about who they are and other factors of themselves?

23. Do you think that online dating is becoming the new way of dating? That traditional dating is becoming more obsolete?

24. Age and location (for demographic reasons) and either screen names or no names will be included as well.)

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