Thirst No. 4 (The Shadow of Death) By Christopher Pike

Title: Thirst No. 4 (The Shadow of Death)
Author: Christopher Pike
Series: The Last Vampire Series #9
Genre: Young Adult, Urban Fantasy
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Format: Kindle Book
Publication Date: August 9, 2011
Average Rating:  4.17

Had a conversation with Latoya Thorne, we discussed about how I am doing with everything and my progress in completing my treatment plan.  We had also discussed some emails I had sent her and the feelings she felt from those.  We also had discussed the issues I have with Colton being moved from his current housing situation, to living with his estranged father. And how she has talked to her supervisors about alternative plans in regarding that, and how the GAL is seriously pushing for this to go through. Latoya also understands my concerns and reasons for this to not to go through, and has recommended I speak to my lawyer about these legal matters.  Latoya Thorne also kept mentioning how she is NOT against me and her priority and main focus is re-uniting me with my children, in their rightful form.  Alexander and visiting him was also discussed briefly on how I haven’t visited him yet and plan on doing that at the end of August beginning of September. I also told Latoya that I am fighting my criminal case, and should’ve fought my CPS case as well, she told me I may still have time to appeal this if I hurry.
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Read from July 27 to August 01, 2012
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This one was seriously confusing I kept getting lost on where I was at, and it didn't hold my attention like the others did. I hope Mr. Pike redeems himself with at least one more book. Because it seemed like there's going to be with the whole internet game thing and what not. But we shall see and I am curious as to what goes on with Sita and Matt, if their destinies are meant to be together or separated. Since he is Yaksha's son, and Yaksha loved Sita so much, that maybe his son and Sita will be soulmates. Hmmmm I guess we shall see if there is indeed another book.

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