Review: Eternally Yours by Anastasia Dangerfield

Eternally YoursTitle: Eternally Yours
Author: Anastasia Dangerfield
Series: (TBA)
Genre: Young Adult
Got From: The Author
Format: Ebook
Publication:  August 15th 2012 by Smashwords
Average Rating: 4.00

When Alexia turns eighteen, she and her best friend Kaia go to the Grand Mecca to accept their jobs and their future mates which were chosen for them by authorities. Just like she's always done, Alexia hides the fact that she can think for herself, and that she hates the authorities have chosen everything for her entire life.

Alexia's chosen mate happens to be the heart-throb of all the angels in the entire City, Gabriel. Unfortunately, he also happens to be the Overlod's son. This would be any other angel's dream, but not hers. It's hard not to blame the Overlords own son for just being who he is, but she manages it. In fact she becomes very close to Gabe...

...Until she meets her new weapons partner the first day at her job. Her entire world is flipped upside down, in the best way possible when Shadow becomes part of her life. This demon with deep, dark secrets, stays on her mind constantly and she can't deny her attraction to the quiet, mysterious boy.

Alexia's world will never be the same again as she faces death, free-will, and forbidden love.

Secrets. Betrayal. Hope. Pain. Sacrifice. Love

My Review:
Read from August 25 to 27, 2012
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It saddens me that I have to give this book a 3 star rating according to what Goodreads has available but in all reality I give this book at 3.5. This is because this book has quite a few spelling and word placement errors, that is actually quite common in new authors and some who self-publish their books. That however did NOT distract me from the storyline. But this is my most honest and sincere review to the very end.
This author has done an excellent job of creating her characters, and building her world. While reading this I could picture a massive giant square terrain surrounded by a huge wall, with the city where the “kinds” go to get mated, and then the communities where the “kinds” all live, this is called the “Domain” in this book. Then I can picture it close to the coast and this exquisitely beautiful island a little ways off from the shore. Then what is all surrounding the “Domain” is a giant desert wasteland full off death and the reminiscence of times that have passed.
As with all dystopian type books, there is usually a monarchy that rules the area where life is sustainable, this book is no different than the others. However, not only do they have that one ruler who is called the “Overlord” the main angel in charge, but the “kinds” have another problem that has arisen. Creatures called the Hell Horde has escaped from hell, and is about to wage war against, the Domain and the “Kinds”. But this is just the backstory.
The main focus of this story is about Alexia. Alexia just like with any other angel or rather any other of the “kinds” has to go to the city to be mated off cause she has finally reached eighteen. But she’s a rebel at heart and disagrees with the arranged marriage and all the strict rules placed on her and the rest of the “kinds”. So during these ceremonies she is paired up with this Demon called Shadow, she is his weapon maker for when he goes into battle. They start to get to know a little bit, and Shadow really intrigues her. Well unknown to Alexia, Shadow has his own secret, and for some reason he trusts her enough to keep his secret. When he finally reveals it, she is quite impressed with him and his secrets. He teaches her something’s and protects her from harm done by the Hell Horde. Which he endures an arrow from them into his side, which brings them into this cave, where Shadow ends up revealing more of himself to Alexia, she then starts falling for him hardcore and him for her, but they really don’t know they are.
Mating ritual time comes, and Alexia is mated to Gabriel… who is the hottest, most powerful angel there is besides the overlord, who happens to be Gabe's father. She has to spend time with him and even live with him and sleep in the same bed, since the purpose is to mate and seal the bonding which can only be done by sexual intercourse. Alexia already feeling bad for betraying Gabe in so many ways even before they were officially paired up, she tries to keep her distance as much as she can away from him, because her heart belongs to another already.
Furthermore this as a whole is really good, and I would recommend it to others, because even though there is editing errors, the storyline is strong, and I cannot wait for the next book to come out because I’m curious what ends up happening to these characters I’m getting to know.

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