January 15, 2018

New Year, new goals for reading

Well 2017 was a crazy year for most, me included. It was full of obstacles at every corner. Obstacles that prevented my love of reading. Well it's 2018, a new year, a new chance for life changing (For the better) events. Also a fresh year to get back into the habit of doing one of my favorite hobbies. Reading and Blogging about the books I read.

Now right now until things settle and I get back into the swing of things. I will not be accepting offers for reviews of books. I do apologize, they tend to get stock piled, and I am not in a position to be able to accept and read them in a timely manner. I will let you know when i'm open for reviews again.

Right now i'm going through my TBR list and maxing out some of those books that have been sitting in my list for years. I'm going back to enjoying reading again.

So to start of this year I do have some books I plan on reading. I do not have a timeline of when they will be completed or anything. Again, going back to reading for enjoyment rather than constantly feeling stressed trying to get books read to get the reviews out in a timely manner. It sucked the joy of reading for me, and felt more like a job. A job I wasn't being paid for except in free books, and hey free books are AMAZING!

If you're interested to see what is currently on my list right now to read, on the left side of this page. you can see my currently reading list.

Also, as you have noticed the blog layout has also changed. Going to a more simpler layout. I hope you like it and it's easy on the eyes.

Lastly, I will be updating things on the blog as I can. Having some major changes going on in my life, changes for the better. But it will take time to get back into a place where I will be back to be fully functional.

Thank you all for your continued following, and bearing with me during all these trials and tribulations.

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