Review: Caressed by a Crimson Moon

Caressed by a Crimson Moon Caressed by a Crimson Moon by Amanda J. Greene
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Caressed by a Crimson Moon

I was given this book in place of an honest review. This is the third book in the "Rulers of Darkness" series. This story takes place surrounding Hadrian the Vampire King who threw himself into exile, because he was going crazy; and Eva a halfbreed shifter. Eva was the bastard daughter of the Alpha of her shifter pack, taken nine years ago after the death of her mother. She was treated poorly because of her halfbreed lineage. Hadrian who has just recently came out of exile and is preparing for his descent back into his clans world, wants to honor a treaty made three hundred and fifty years ago with the shifters, has Falcon go and claim what is rightfully his. The alpha isn't to thrilled about this scenario and refuses to send one of his pure looks daughters to the mad king, so instead he sends Eva his halfbreed daughter, in hopes that the mad king will take care of his dirty work for him. Instead of Hadrian killing Eva like the Alpha was hoping for, he finds something else in Eva.....hope.

As the other two books I have read in this series this one didn't fail to suck me in. However, this one was just a little different than the others. Because one: There is something more to Eva that meets the eye; two: instead of some huge raging battle being prepared for throughout the book, the big battle is actually the battles that Hadrian has to face about himself, and the secrets that are unfolded with Eva. Now don't get me wrong there is a battle scene in this book, but it's pretty bleh compared to the others. However, this book adds a few more pieces that will be unfolded in further books, that of course will keep you hanging on the edge of your seat and keep you wanting more. It sure has me, and I cannot wait to read more of this series.

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