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What's Coming Next....

SO Many books I need and review so little time, but here is the tentative list of the Books I;ll be reviewing for the next few months. (Click on picture to get synopsis of book)

Phoenix Child  (Children of Fire #1) by Alicia McKenna-Johnson 

 Cogling by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek

Awakening by A.C. Deen

 The Gift-Knight's Quest  by Dylan Madeley

 Caressed by Moonlight  by Amanda J. Greene

 They Mostly Come Out At Night  by Benedict Patrick

 Her Fiery Viking  by A.J. Tipton

 My Soul Immortal  by Jen Printy

Collector of Souls  by Naomi Lucas

 Dream Stalker: Talented: Book 1  by Amy Hopkins

 The Last Shadow Gate-  Michael Garza

 (This book hasn't been released or the cover revealed yet. I also promised the author I wouldn't reveal the cover until he gave the go ahead. But here is the synopsis below.)

Summer vacation was never supposed to be like this.
It was bad enough Naomi had to be shipped off to her dad's home for the summer and deal with her half-brother Gavin, but when the siblings a…

Review: The Medium Path

The Medium Path by Elizabeth Davies
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was given this book in place of an honest review.

Synopsis of book:
Ruby died nearly one hundred years ago. She saw spirits of the dead when she was alive, and now she is dead she has become a guide who helps ghosts pass on. When ghosts start being taken by darkness instead of the light, Ruby is forced to seek help from a handsome and unwilling medium, who awakens emotions she never knew she had.

Alright so when I picked up this it engrossed me immediately,  which is rare for ghost books. However I could only give this books 4 stars but it's more like 3.5 but on the higher side of that. The reason for this is because, I didn't like the main character, some may have loved her but I didn't I think she's selfish, and a total whiner. So it totally turned me off, the saving grace was that I enjoyed the book as a whole. The storyline was excellent, I didn't get who was the bad guy until it was disclo…

Review: Faerie Blood

Faerie Blood by Emma L. Adams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was given this book in place of an honest review. So to begin with when I picked up this book while on a plane home from Texas, (I was in training for work). That's besides the point. However, the minute I picked up this book I was hooked. If there was more time in the day I would have finished this book quicker than what I did.

Now what I liked about this story is that it's very easy to get into. Very easy to get absorbed into the storyline, and for me I could actually picture a city distraught from a war, and life just carrying on as much as it can.  There were a few minor errors with word placement, and spelling.  But let me reassure you, it doesn't deter from the book itself, just a little editing there and it would be right as rain.

I recommend if you have time or need something new to add to your to be read list, definitely read Faerie Blood. Now I cannot wait to read the next book, to see where this …

Review: Thirst No. 5: The Sacred Veil

Thirst No. 5: The Sacred Veil by Christopher Pike
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Alright so this book me quite some time to finish and there is a reason for it. I feel the book lost track of what I feel the series was all about. A female vampire. But this book was more about the government and it's conspiracues, spaceships, and espionage.  While it fits in other books I feel it didn't quite pain put in this one. Honestly half the time I was too busy trying to figure out what was going on, when Sita would have a flash back at the end. And speaking of the end, of course it left it hanging, but I think Sita for maybe a good reason was being utterly selfish.  So with that being said, I'm going to have to give this 3 stars and claim it as my least favorite book of the series.

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