Review: Treasure, Darkly

Treasure, Darkly Treasure, Darkly by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this book for an honest review. Sadly like all my reviews this one has taken me a while to get through. Because life has been busy i haven't had a chance to really sit down and read. At least not without falling asleep.

Anywho, have you ever seen Wild Wild West with Will Smith and Kevin Kline? Well this is so much better. This is wild west meets steampunk. But its not lets through all this steampunk in your face you are overwhelmed. Its just enough to make it plausible.

This is about a young man named Clark Treasure, a son of a brothel maid who drinks a strange substance and is now wanted by the army. He spends a good part of his life on his own running like a fugitive.  Thats until he meets his estranfed father Garth Treasure and his family.

That's when Clarks adventure really begins, its when truths are uncovered, romance blooms, and an adventure ive never been on in any of the books i read.

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