Review: A Matter of Arrogance and Apocalypses

A Matter of Arrogance and Apocalypses A Matter of Arrogance and Apocalypses by Claire Robyns
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was given this book for free in return for an honest review.

First off, I would like to thank Claire Robyns for contacting me to read the first book in the series 'A Matter of Circumstances and Celludrones'; and also giving me the opportunity to continue on with our relationship with the rest of the books in the 'Dark Matters' series.

Now onto my review.

'A Matter of Arrogance and Apocalypse' is the fourth and final book of the 'Dark Matters' series, this book delves more into the relationship between Kelan and Lily. Basically setting in stone what is to become and what will be of their marriage. Greyston, while still a key character spends a good part of the book as an unconscious hero. In this book, a good majority of it, is the build up of the battle to come.

Honestly while I dove head first into the other books this one has taken me quite longer to get through. And though the story is still exceptionally good, something about it just couldn't grab my attention fully, unlike it's predecessors. However, thoughi this book did take me forever to get into and read; I must say that it was the best ending that this series could've had. It had left me smiling and honestly quite surprised.

My honest opinion of this book and the entire series is that, if you enjoy books with the world set in the past. You enjoy demons, mild love triangles, and loves you wouldn't have foreseen happening. Then this is a definite must read, for you.

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