Review: Catch Me

Catch Me Catch Me by Parker Blue
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Ok so continuing with the demon underground series, written by Parker Blue. I just finished the most recent book in the series 'Catch Me'. In this installment of this series we basically start right back up where we left off, Shades sister missing in the demon realm. Val and Shade still at odds with each other, and Val and Austen getting things more steamed up. In this book, it's starts with Val and Austen going to stop Shade from doing something when things get harried. Alejandro and Vincent come up missing. So this starts the book off right. Also we get introduced to a new character, Ivy. Ivy, is a rock demon, whose come from one of the other underground. At first she was a little iffy, in my opinion. Because she was a little shy it had seemed like, and got the impression that there was something devious in the midst. But she quickly changed my mind throughout the book. So the rest of the book left it to, trying to figure out what happened to Alejandro and Vincent. Fight off rogues that are constantly attacking. And dealing with Luis and his waa waa attitude.

This series is absolutely amazing! I sometimes wish that I wasn't fully caught up, so that I could dive into each installment of this series and not have to wait for the next book to be released. This is how amazing this series is. If you haven't picked up this series yet you are missing so much.

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