Last Dance (The Seer #2) By: Linda Joy Singleton

Last Dance (The Seer, #2)
Sabine can't wait to show off her new boyfriend at the upcoming school dance, but she's also worried about her grandmother, Nona, who's suffering from a fatal hereditary illness. The only cure lies within a remedy book, lost long ago. 

Determined to save Nona, Sabine goes to Pine City to visit a distant relative who may have clues. But there's someone else clamoring for Sabine's attention: a fifty-year-old ghost named Chloe who's been appearing in her dreams. Celebrated by Pine City every year on the anniversary of her tragic death, Chloe has become a town legend. Despite death threats and missing the school dance, Sabine must use her psychic skills to solve the mystery surrounding Chloe's untimely demise . . . and lay her soul to rest.

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My Rating & Review
Last Dance
(The Seer #2)
By: Linda Joy Singleton
This is the second book of the series, and while it's still getting it's bearrings it's still a very good book and series. I love Young Adult because it isn't so much about the sexual appeal of the story, it's about the adventure and the longing for adult love that makes young adult series so appealing. And when you throw in a supernatural aspect to it, it just makes it so much more intriguing.

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