December 5, 2014

Living With the Dead (Women of the Otherworld # #9) By; Kelley Armstrong

Living with the Dead (Women of the Otherworld, #9)
The men and women of the Otherworld – witches, werewolves, demons, vampires – live unseen among us. Only now a reckless killer has torn down the wall, trapping one very human woman in the supernatural crossfire.

Robyn moved to LA after her husband died to try to put some distance between herself and the life they had together. And the challenges of her job as the PR consultant to a Paris Hilton wannabe are pretty distracting. But then her celebutante is gunned down in a night club, and Robyn is suddenly the prime sust. The two people most determined to clear her are her old friend, the half-demon tabloid reporter Hope Adams, and a homicide detective with an uncanny affinity for the dead.

Soon Robyn finds herself in the heart of a world she never even knew existed – and which she was safer knowing nothing about . . .

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My Rating & Review
Living With the Dead
(Women of the Otherworld #9)
By: Kelley Armstrong
This was not my favorite of the series, to be honest it was the hardest book I had to get through in the entire series. This was just a book that did a whole lot of running, a whole lot of nonsense, and you really didn't get any breakthrough on any of the character, and not until the end, and then in the end you really don't get any resolve on much. Oh well there's always one book in a series that isn't up to par with the rest.

Fang Me (Demon Underground #3) By: Parker Blue

Fang Me (Demon Underground, #3)
The vampires want it. The demons want it, too. And someone is willing to kill Val for it.

Val and Fang have to find the powerful Encyclopedia Magicka before either of San Antonio's warring underworld factions locate it or the consequences will be deadly for the entire city. As usual, Val's vampire enemies (they still call her The Slayer) want her dead. Even some of her fellow demons may be less than trustworthy, since they'd like to grab the legendary book of spells before she does. Val has a personal claim to the Encyclopedia - her demon father left it to her when he died - but someone stole it recently. And that can't be good.

Battling vamps and dodging demons, Val struggles to unravel the mystery and find the thief. At the same time, she's fighting her attraction to sweet, sexy Shade - her favorite shadow demon. Rumor has it that Val will lose her part-demon, vampire-fighting powers if she gives herself to him.

With a crowd of vamps and demons out to trick her or kill her, it's not a good time for her to risk her job as the city's best vampire hunter by falling in love. The stakes are high and aimed right at her heart. But Lola, Val's hungry little lust demon, doesn't like being denied. Will Lola finally get her way?

What's a part-lust-demon-teen supposed to do? Whatever it takes.

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My Rating & Review
Fang Me
(Demon Underground #2)
By: Parker Blue
The further I get into this series the further I just want to stop everything and finish what's out of these books, though I have too much on my TBR and I don't want the series to get stale by reading nothing but it. But however this series definitely keeps me wanting more. This last book Fang Me, definitely kept me on my toes, I knew who the bad guy was in a sense, but couldn't figure out how or why things were happening the way they were until the finale and BAM! It was all laid out, it was awesome.

Last Dance (The Seer #2) By: Linda Joy Singleton

Last Dance (The Seer, #2)
Sabine can't wait to show off her new boyfriend at the upcoming school dance, but she's also worried about her grandmother, Nona, who's suffering from a fatal hereditary illness. The only cure lies within a remedy book, lost long ago. 

Determined to save Nona, Sabine goes to Pine City to visit a distant relative who may have clues. But there's someone else clamoring for Sabine's attention: a fifty-year-old ghost named Chloe who's been appearing in her dreams. Celebrated by Pine City every year on the anniversary of her tragic death, Chloe has become a town legend. Despite death threats and missing the school dance, Sabine must use her psychic skills to solve the mystery surrounding Chloe's untimely demise . . . and lay her soul to rest.

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My Rating & Review
Last Dance
(The Seer #2)
By: Linda Joy Singleton
This is the second book of the series, and while it's still getting it's bearrings it's still a very good book and series. I love Young Adult because it isn't so much about the sexual appeal of the story, it's about the adventure and the longing for adult love that makes young adult series so appealing. And when you throw in a supernatural aspect to it, it just makes it so much more intriguing.

Tempting Evil (Riley Jensen Gaurdian #3) By: Kerri Arthur

Tempting Evil (Riley Jenson Guardian #3)
In a world of sorcery and seduction, the nights bring out the beautiful, the damned, and the desired. Here, Riley Jenson is on her own–half werewolf, half vampire, working for an organization created to police the supernatural races. Trusting her superiors and lovers barely more than she trusts her worst enemies, Riley plays by her own set of rules. Her latest mission: to enter the heavily guarded pleasure palace of a criminal named Deshon Starr–a madman-scientist who’s been messing around in the gene pool for decades. 

With two sexy men–a cool, seductive vampire and an irresistibly hot wolf–vying for her attention, Riley must keep focused. Because saving the world from Deshon Starr will mean saving herself–from the trap that’s closing in around her. . . .

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My Rating & Review
Tempting Evil
(Riley Jensen Gaurdian #3)
By: Kerri Arthur
It's funny how these books always take me a minute to get into them, but once I do I whip right through the book. It's interesting that one of the biggest enemies of Riley and Co. is taken out, and yet this is a long lasting series, haha but alas there is a nice little zinger at the end, which bodes for a much more evil nemesis than before. This book was filled with alot, alot of things for Riley to do, alot of questionings on many different thing. The one hang up I have on Riley is her need for sex, I understand she's a wolf and is alays needing sex, but still the way this woman desires sex I think is beyond the need for a wolf, and really it's not the sex that bothers me, that's pretty intriguing on it's own, it's her desire to find a wolf mate, she thinks purely wolf when she isn't a pure wolf she's a halfbreed wolf/vamp, so her hang up on the wolf soulmate is kind of far fetched in my opinion, but we shall see how things progress with that in future books.