Baby, You're as Sweet as 3.14159265BABY, YOU'RE AS SWEET AS 3.14159265
BY: Hogwild
GENRE: Comedy/Humor
PUBLICATION: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.


The most important tip to dating on social networks is to avoid making the mistake of “liking” you own status.

Because when you "like" your own Facebook status it's like when you're having sex and you slap your own ass.
A lot of girls like a guy who is a bad-ass. That’s why my conversations with women go like this:

GIRL: I like a man of danger.

ME: Come back to my place and we'll open the .exe attachments in my email!
Dear Shirtless Guy in his Profile Picture, you REALLY want to impress girls? Get a job and pose in front of your cubicle.
Dear Guy at the Dance Club, Please stop grinding random girls from behind like you are some kind of creepy penis-shaped bulldozer.
They say you can get a girl to like you, if you can make her jealous. So I make sure the girl sees me with a pretty expensive handbag!
Girls like when you tell them about the adorable things that children do. For instance, like when my little nephew asked me, "When babies are in the tummy do they use mommy's belly button as a window?"


Thank God he didn't ask what they use as a door!


*****MY REVIEW*****
I was given this book in return for an honest review. If you need a pick me up this book is perfect for that. It's a comedy book about dating. And gives some dating advice in a comical way. I couldn't help but to bust out laughing from time to time at some of the things said in this book. This is definitely a coffee table book, you can pick it up and pick any page and go from there, and you'll either be rolling your eyes, agreeing with it, or laughing out loud having people looking at you like you've lost your mind. Either way it's a good read and should be read by many.

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