*~REVIEW~* My Immortal by Anastasia Dangerfield

My Immortal*~My Immortal~*
By: Anastasia Dangerfield
Series: N/A
Genre: Young Adult
Publication: Self Published, January 26th 2103
Average Rating: 4.10

Alexia just woke up from the hospital and it's been five long weeks since she was shot with the poison arrow.
With Gabe by her side, they begin the search to find where the Authorities are torturing Shadow, but 6 months later they are still no closer to finding him.
When Alexia has a revelation and sets out to save Shadow alone, her luck takes a turn for the worst...
...because Shadow is not who he once was and now he is not only a danger to himself but also to her...
...but Alexia won't give up on him. Can she break through to the boy she once knew and loved?

*~My Review~*
First I wanna say, the cover it just absolutely stunning, LOVE IT! Second, if you have read these books you should, they are really good. I finally picked this one up and I just couldn't put it down. It was a different kind of dystopian/paranormal/fantasy book that just wowed me from the beginning. This is a pretty new author, who I must say has real potential of making it as an author, and I'm pleased that she has let me read her books, and I am very honored to be mentioned at the beginning of this book as well, it totally brightens my day.

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