*~REVIEW~* Damned by Blood- Evie Byrne

Damned by Blood (Faustin Bros, #3)

~Evie Byrne~
Series: Faustin Brothers  #3
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publication:  September 22nd 2009 by Samhain Publishing (first published 2009)
Average Rating: 3.62

Mikhail Faustin is the prince of New York. His authority is absolute, his power unquestioned—and his heart is empty. The pain he carries inside leaves him with nothing to offer a mate. When he discovers that Alya Adad is not only his destined bride but also the source of his misery, his fate is sealed. He must claim the woman he despises most. Or die trying.

Alya Adad is the most powerful of her kind born in generations and a prince in her own right. She’s accountable to no man, certainly not to her first lover, Mikhail. Now he has the gall to not only invade her territory, but threaten to take her by force—for a prophecy she doesn’t believe in? She’ll kill him first.

Their battle for the upper hand is no-holds-barred…until she discovers the one thing his pride didn’t want her to know. That she still holds the key to his heart—and his innermost desires. And when a rival vampire clan strikes, letting her guard down is the only way to save him.

*~My Review~*
Ok the 2nd book was my favorite out of this trilogy, this one was good but it was just a little off for me though I did like the whole BDSM spectrum of this book. It was definitely a quick read just like the other two books were. Easy to get into, and easy to finish. It just didn't leave me hanging wanting more like most books do. But it definitely cracked me up with the book ending with them, going down to the lake to skip rocks. Really? lol.

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