New Title for Book in Progress and Possible Book Cover????

if any of you have gone onto the other pages of my blogs, and have come across my current work in progress my first ever book I am writing, you would have seen that it had a working title of Deadly Evil. Well after much consideration and having it just stare at me for weeks because I haven't touched my book at all, the name got....well.... quite annoying to me and I felt it doesn't really fit the book I am writing. So I have changed it to "Something Wicked" and Yes I have seen this phrase used in plenty of books, but usually I have seen in it in something in regards to the old saying "Something Wicked this way comes" which yes mine is also based off of it. I'm not fully sure it will stick, but for now it seems to fit. I hope you like it and the Bookcover or well possible bookcover.  Not really too worried on that at the moment since I've only started writing chapter 8.

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