Bored at College today

if you've read my bio I've made up you know that I'm in college full time... well does this tell you what kind of a day I've had today.I was bored listening to my professor in philosophy, he always is so random, but a very sweet man, and he tries to keep things interesting, but while I was listening to him talk, I started writing, first I wrote my Review for Envy. Which is funny considering I hadn't even finished it up yet, though, you knew it was basically winding down from where I was at, so I knew the gist of what it was about. Then after I was done with that I started writing again, only this time it was ideas of where my book is heading, so I jotted down some ideas, and then actually started writing pieces to it. This process lasted throughout the rest of my school day when I had gotten the chance.  I had gotten quite a bit written, now I just need to muster up the energy to type it all in. LOL! Funny how creativity hits you at odd times, at least this time I had a pencil and paper handy to jot it all down.

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