Ok so you know I'm a book reviewer, and well I'm making my way through the trenches and making connections as much as I can.

Well... about a week ago I saw an opportunity that could be fun, and probably beneficial to me later down the road. I just couldn't pass it up, and well it's a good thing I didn't pass it up.


well I am pleased to let you all know that I am now part of a team, I'm now a REVIEWER for: BTS Emag

This was quoted, from one of my team members here's the link to the blog 
"While this is a new position for myself and the company, and there are all of the specifics to be determined yet – this opportunity offers readers and reviewers exposure to a far larger audience than they might otherwise reach with a traditional book blog. The last issue was 52 pages - all about books. In all genres."

This is all new to me, and I'm pretty sure it will be fun and exciting, and I can't wait to get started. 

but at anyrate HOORAH FOR ME! and making the connections I've been making.

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