ANNOUNCEMENT: BTS Review Team is ready to review your books!

ANNOUNCEMENT: BTS Review Team is ready to review your books!

by Ronda

Our BTS Review Team was especially designed to review for any author placing an ad in the BTS eMag or who is featured in the magazine, if they wish to have one book reviewed. Reviews are not guaranteed; this is a bonus opportunity offered for those authors in the eMagazine.
DEADLINE: Since we just got the team together we are past the deadline for December issue reviews. But the team is willing to push their time in order to review as many books as they can. So if you’d like to have your book that is being advertised in the eMag considered for review, your ad must be paid for and book info to include the file format of your book (pdf, mobi, epub) to BTS by Oct 20th."
January Deadline: The normal deadline from now on will be a 2 month period before the Ad/Review goes in the eMag. So anyone interested in getting your ad into the January issue, Oct 20th is your cut-off date. This issue will be themed around Indie authors, while the December issue is themed around Christmas, the holiday season, and winter.
Write for an ad.

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