Slacking majorly

I was hoping I would have more followers but that's ok since I haven't been able to work on my blog a lot I  haven't really don't too much in regards to reading or writing I think this weekedn I'm going to be doing some furniture arranging so that way I can sit back out in the living room at the the table soo my EHD doesn't get jerked around. For a while I couldn't figure out what was going to happen next... but now I'm starting to get some visions in my head so here's hoping I will get a few pages written... you know come to think of it I might re-arrange my house tomorrow. So that by this weekend I might be able to write... I know I have at least one person curious onto what happens next in it.... I'm wanting to get a few more chapters written... and hopefully over the summer have some kind of a contest (cause I'm hoping to have more followers by then too) to help me pick out a title for my book and that it will be close to being done or at least finish with the completed first Rough draft by then.  Welp here's to goals!

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