I'm a beginner blogger, but I love to write.  I also love books, and I love to discuss them as well. I have another website it's called  Eric's Area 5. This is my website I had created back in August 2009 for the Character Eric Northman in the show True Blood.  I had made that site because the people of the True Blood Wiki  were against fans of Eric. I got tired of the posts and comments of these fans being removed, and ganged up on because they preferred a different character over the main character. It's been a pretty successful site to this day.  If you enjoy True Blood I recommend visiting both sites. They both have great content and great people to converse with about the show and books.

Anyways about this site, against my other site. I have a book spot on my EA5 website but I figured that since that site is basically for this character and man (Alexander Skarsgard). I would just create a blog for the books and link it to that site and vice versa. 

So please look around and enjoy!

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