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More on the construction

there is an authors sticky note on top to take you directly to where the authors are, they are located within the genre links, or you can go to the side where the links are placed and find them also located within the genre's.

and as I close out today's work I have completed Kiss of Midnight, Kiss of Crimson, and Midnight Awakening pages, under Lara Adrian's page in the Paranormal Romance section.

Have a good night to all who might come across this site.

Eric's Area 5 True Blood Fan Site - Eric's Area 5 True Blood FAN Site

New Pages

I have created two new pages, these are for the Authors of that specific genre, though you might notice some Authors are in more than one category, since they seem to dabble in more genre's. I'm slowly working on these pages, and their sub pages, to help better equip this blog.  But it will take me some time because I have come ill, and I have homework to get caught up on with school.  If you come here please bare with me during all this. I would be most grateful.



I'm a beginner blogger, but I love to write.  I also love books, and I love to discuss them as well. I have another website it's called  Eric's Area 5. This is my website I had created back in August 2009 for the Character Eric Northman in the show True Blood.  I had made that site because the people of the True Blood Wiki  were against fans of Eric. I got tired of the posts and comments of these fans being removed, and ganged up on because they preferred a different character over the main character. It's been a pretty successful site to this day.  If you enjoy True Blood I recommend visiting both sites. They both have great content and great people to converse with about the show and books.

Anyways about this site, against my other site. I have a book spot on my EA5 website but I figured that since that site is basically for this character and man (Alexander Skarsgard). I would just create a blog for the books and link it to that site and vice versa. 

So please…