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New Project

The New Project I am working on is a series.

 It's called the Other Realms series.

It will be if, I keep everything on track 5 books total.

I cannot go into much detail about it right now as I am still in the outlining stage.

I'm working on characters for the first book, plus setting up characters to the rest of the books.

I will keep things posted at things progess, but until keep an eye out, on the progress.

You Can Write-Really By: Kelli A. Wilkins

You Can Write—Really! A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Fiction

If you’ve always dreamed of writing and getting published, but have no idea where or how to start—THIS is the book for you!

You Can Write—Really! is an easy guide designed for beginner writers who need a boost of motivation and simple instructions on how to get started.

Award-winning author Kelli A. Wilkins takes you step-by-step through the writing process, covering the basics of plotting, editing, revising, and submitting.

In addition, she explores ways to get your creativity flowing, explains where authors get ideas, and shows you how to create interesting characters for your story.

Helpful tips and fun writing exercises throughout the book get you started!

My Rating & Review You Can Write-Really Kelli A. Wilkins

I was given this book, in return for an honest review.

Upon reading this book, I figured it would be another someone giving their opinion on how everyone should write. As I got into this book, I discovered t…