January 4, 2015

Blood Hunger (Deathless Nights Series #1) By: L.E. Wilson

Blood Hunger
Emma Moss still has nightmares about the horrors she and her sister saw that summer night. Her sister has not been seen or heard from since, but Emma refuses to believe that she’s truly gone, and continues to search for her. However, she’s running out of resources, and running out of ideas. So when a stranger calls out of nowhere claiming to have information for her, she doesn’t hesitate to go meet him.

Nikulas Kreek is a six hundred year old vampire, and he knows a secret about the Moss girls; a secret he soon realizes that even Emma herself is unaware of. A secret that can help them both. But what he didn’t expect, was the blood hunger that would assail him upon meeting her, and the internal fight he would have to resist it. 

Now bound together by more than just their cause, Emma and Nik set out on a rescue mission. Will they be able to get to there in time? And will Nikulas be able to fight his instincts, and leave Emma to live her human life in peace? Or will he be bound to make her his for all eternity?

My Rating & Review
Alright so I received this book for free in return for am honest review. When I was presented this book, just from the description I was ready to read this book. Im very glad I did. I receiving requests for read and reviews, because I like reading what indie authors have to offer. Well L.E. Wilson, has totally made it all worth it with this book. The moment I picked it up and started reading it I was hooked! I was even highly upset that I had to go to work, because it interrupted my time in reading this book. Well I finly finished it, and honestly cannot wait for the next book, im dying to know what happens next. So many questions....what happened with Aiden? Whats going to come of Luukas? Will we see more of the wolves? The basis of just this one book, sets up for a very promising series. Thank you Ms. Wilson for contacting me about this book, it was a complete joy and pleasure reading it.