February 7, 2014

Help A mom out!


Ok this is taking a lot for me to post this.... and some of you are going to judge and that's fine because people judge, especially when they don't know the facts. In June 2012, my children were removed from my home, because of Neglect, because I was severely depressed and couldn't take care of myself. That was justified in the removal of my children. I worked hard to get them home, and I did. But Arapahoe County CPS, refused to close my case, because my house, wasn't spotless, and would have clothes and toys on the floor most of the time. In August 2013 my mother had surgery, and I had just started my job, and something happened while I was at work, and my house was a mess. My Aunt, called me into CPS for it. I was rude when they showed up at my door the next day, because I had gotten off of work at 1 something in the morning, and was sleeping. The supervisor of my old casework went down to the school, and told my oldest that they were not taking them away from me again, only to have them take them the following friday (September 6th 2013), from their school and placed into a foster home. I was told this was happening after it already happened. I had put myself into the hole, and got myself a lawyer, who wasn't a public defender, by doing this I had pissed off the County attorney (want to know her name private message me) because she was dead set in removing my rights and adopting out my children.

Now here's some facts of me here.... I haven't been depressed since that one time, though they seem to think I'm still depressed, they even went as far to have me do a pyschological evaluation, that was done by one of their people, who of course says I'm severely depressed and am in need of some serious help. Now anyone who knows me both old and new, can clearly see that I am NOT depressed one bit. I'm actually full of life and laughter.

I have maintained my home in a matter that would appease them, and I have held a steady job that I love for 6 months straight now. I have a social lie, a growing support network, and friends some who are their part time, and those who are there for me when they know my world is crashing down around me. I appreciate everyone who has given me any kind of support through this.

Now I know and support the part of CPS, that actually helps save kids lives, but my kids were never in danger... I was even given charges for Child abuse.... the case was dismissed because well I don't abuse my kids, plain and simple, it was done to me when I was younger, I wouldn't do it to my own kids.

But there is a growing trend with CPS, and the funds they get from the government, they get a nice amount, for every kid that's placed in foster care. Didn't know that did you. Yup they sure do.

I've been fighting tooth and nail to get my kids back... And taking it to higher levels of court to get this done, and to see that justice is served to the corruption of CPS. Especially Arapahoe County CPS is notorious!!!!!!

My oldest Colton, is almost 11 years old, he has learning disabilities, ADHD, and other mental disabilities. HE is unadoptable! If I don't get my kids back he will be in the foster system for the next 8 years. Christian, we feel they removed them out of their school, because we wanted him tested for ADHD, because I have it, and my other two kids have it as well. But if he is tested and comes out having ADHD he becomes unadoptable too.

How can a county ran department, be able to do this???? I'm not a horrible parent, I'm a single mothe struggling to make it in this world, and to raise my children to the best of my capabilities. Only reason they were taken was because of a messy house???? Not dirty, but messy?????

I'm reaching out to everyone I know, because I need all the support I can get through this. Because to all who know me, know I love my kids and that they are my world.... all who have met my kids know they are awesome kids, and they deserve to come home, and be with their family.

But no now they are further away from me, and their school, who had been their stability through this whole mess. ACDHS, didn't even bother to tell the school what was happening, just left them hanging just like everyone else.

My kids are on the fast track to adoption!!

I'm not posting this for sympathy or attention, I'm posting this or support and help.

Been gone a long time now....

Ok so I know I haven't posted anything is a long time here, and i'm sorry for that, things have been really busy and hectic. But things are starting to calm some so I will be able to post more again, even if it's a mass review day, one day a week. I just want to thank everyone who has continued to follow me through my absence and that I love you all dearly for this.