February 13, 2013

❤❤❤Hearts on Fire Blog Hop❤❤❤

Heart's on Fire Blog Hop

Plenty of Prizes to be won, book synopsis, and even an author Bio is include in this weeks Blog Hop, so hop on by to all participating blogs, show some love and enter to win. Have fun and Good Luck!!!


1.) Two Kindle Paperwhites
2.) Three sets of Black Swan: Books 1-3 paperbacks signed by Victoria Danann (1 and 2 being US only)
3.) twenty sets of Black Swan: Books 1-3 e-books and
4.( $60 choice giftcard)

The Kindle Paperwhites also come with a book package, as well as the giftcard. 

The following authors have donated their books...

Read 2 Review (Kate) and GMTA UK: (5 to 10 books that will be announced)
Danica Avet Winners: choice of backlist
Airicka Phoenix: E-copy of Games of Fire, Touching Smoke, & Touching Eternity
Katie Salidas: E-copy of Moonlight and Sweet Surprises! By her and Willsin Rowe which also releases on Feb 14!
Sara Trimble: E-copy of A Woman's Revenge
Michelle Graham: E-copy of Landing the Big Ones
Kim Mullican: Yoder's Farm, Taking Control (Book 1 Control Series),Control (Book 2 Control Series), Immortal Decision
Cambria Hebert: Ecopy of Recalled and a Winners Choice from the Heven and Hell Series Ecopy
M.L. Stephens: Ecopy of Love You More
J Kelly Acinni: 5 sets of paperback copies of Baby and Echo US only
Susan Griscom: Reflections and Whisper Cape

And a big thank you to: Dani-Lyn Alexander, Lisa Simington, Kym Grosso, and Liberty Ann for making the giftcard possible!!!

   A SUMMONER'S TALE: the vampire's confessor
by Victoria Danann
Publisher: 7th House
ISBN: 978-1-933320-67-0 ebook
978-1-933320-80-9 print
GENRE: vampire romance, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, paranormal fantasy

Words: 107,000
Pages: 350

RELEASE DATE: February 14, 2013

BUY AT AMAZON: http://www.amazon.com/Summoners-Tale-Vampires-Confessor-ebook/dp/

This is the third installment in a serial saga intended to be read in order.

DESCRIPTION: A secret society, a witch, a psychic, vampires, modern day knights, heroes, elves,
fae, assassins from another dimension, and fairytales come together where emotions intersect. Two
souls, joined by a mystical bond, separated by distance, must simultaneously struggle through pain and
darkness in an ultimate confrontation with character and an ultimate struggle for life proving that true
love waits patiently through lifetimes and finds courage to survive. Even in the strangest places. Even
when you're least expecting it. Even when you're far, far from home.

Erotic quotient: A little steam. No menage. No BDSM.

IMPORTANT: Black Swan Books 2 and 3 are available on Amazon.com exclusively as
single titles. However, a The Order of the Black Swan COLLECTED TALES, Books 1-3 will also
be released on or around Feb. 14th in e-book everywhere. This is the story as it was intended to be
read - without interruption.

ISBN: 978-1-933320-70-0
313,000 words
All three books for $6.99.

My Familiar Stranger: romancing the vampire hunters (BLACK SWAN 1)
Book One - My Familiar Stranger: Romancing the Vampire Hunters (nominated for Reviewers
Choice Best Paranormal Romance of 2012)

The Witch's Dream (The Order of the Black Swan, #2)
Book Two - The Witch's Dream: A Love Letter to Paranormal Romance

Book Three - A Summoner's Tale: The Vampire's Confessor

Book Four - Moonlight: Big Bad Wolf To release late Spring.

Author Bio:
For the past fourteen years, Victoria has illustrated and authored Seasons of the Witch calendars and
planners and written several non-fiction books on magickal arts. She lives in a town north of Houston known as The Woodlands even though the idea of the witch in the woods may be a cliché.  She owns 7th House Publishing and contributes to its enterprises. In addition to art and writing, she plays Classic Rock music (keys, rhythm guitar, vocals) and manages one of Houston's premier party bands.
Married. Four children.

WEBSITE: http://www.VictoriaDanann.com

BLOG: http://VictoriaDanann.me

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/vdanann

TWITTER: @vdanann
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REVIEW: The Return by Carter Vance

~Carter Vance~
Genre: Religious Fiction
Published: January 1, 2012 By Carter Vance
Average Rating: 3.62

Thriller, suspense, action, intrigue: The Return is a story of the modern day fulfillment of the Grail prophecy.
The time has come for the prophesied return of Christ. Long thought extinct, the secret Order of Knights Templar battle the Dark Forces that fear His return.
At the center of this battle of good & evil are Sarah Davidson, an expectant mother with an unique heritage, & Peter Christos, her shipping magnate husband. The couple, who were married in the presence of the Ark of the Covenant, is confronted with a series of surreptitious schemes & attacks causing them to flee to seek a secure birthplace for their son.
They are aided in this endeavor by the Knights Templar, a clandestine organization that has, over the centuries, amassed enormous wealth & power & the organization to deliver it in anticipation of this day.
Ultimately, they engage in a grand battle for the prophesied birth.

(I couldn't in good conscience give a rating)
I had tried three times to read this book, I just couldn't get into it, I lost my focus quickly. Now I am not saying that it is a bad book, it is not just something I could get into. Other's may like or love this book, but again it just wasn't for me. If a book doesn't hold my attention after multiple attempts are reading it, I generally will just set it down, and move on.

So therefore, I can't give this book a rating, or give my honest opinion on it. But I do appreciate the author contacting me to review this book, and I sincerely hope he gets more positive reviews on it.

February 1, 2013


Inertia (Impulse, #1)Inertia
(Impulse #1)
~Amelia C. Gormley~
Published: November 2012 by Amelia C. Gormley (first published July 19th 2012)
Average Rating: 3.81


Quiet, down-to-earth Detroit handyman Derrick Chance has had enough loss for a lifetime and he has no intention of ever risking his heart again. Living alone in the old house his grandparents left him, with only his dog and a few close friends for companionship, he has written off the possibility of romance or even sex. He refuses to consider himself lonely, or wonder what he might be missing. His life is organized, predictable, and, best of all, risk-free.

Until the day he installs shelves for accountant Gavin Hayes. With his contradictory combination of confidence and self-doubt, Gavin draws Derrick in with an intensity he's never known. As undeniable as gravity, Derrick finds himself falling for Gavin in defiance of all his usual slow and methodical ways. But Gavin carries wounds of his own. Fresh from an emotionally abusive relationship that ended with a dangerous betrayal, his future is far from certain. Can Derrick choose passion over safety, and let himself believe that Gavin is worth the risk?

this was a very good book to have my very first male on male experience in a book. it was an easy read, great story line, and actually left me wanting more. I'm quite ashamed with myself that it took me so long to finish it. Gavin, I love his attitude especially with all the Crap he's been through and currently going through. Derreck reminds me of a shy virginal school girl in some ways. I'm highly intrigued on what goes on with those two in future books, and this is a book I would recommend for anyone who enjoys MM books, or is wondering how MM books are.

REVIEW: Born of Silence (The League #5)

Born of Silence (The League, #5)Born of Silence
(The League #5)
~Sherrilyn Kenyon~
Published: May 1st 2012 by Grand Central Publishing
Average Rating: 4.45

Death Stalks Them All...
Kere is the second most infamous member of the shadow organization known as Sentella. An explosive engineer who strikes terror into the hearts of the League, the bounty on his head is truly staggering. No one knows his true identity.
The daughter of a traitor, Zarya Starska grew up hard on the back streets of hell- her family hunted to the brink of extinction. But Zarya dreams of a different life and a different world. A world where the harsh hand of the Caronese emperor doesn’t destroy his subjects. As a Resistance leader, her goal is to topple the government that needlessly ruined the lives of her family and comrades-in-arms. In this deadly quest, the only person she can trust is a mysterious man known only as Kere.

By The Light Of Day...
Kere has a dark secret and a brutal past. As he aids the Resistance, he’s actually working to bring down his own family- the Cruels- so named for the viciousness in their blood that runs so deep, no other name would do. Born and bred from one of the oldest and noblest families in the United Systems, Kere’s real name is Darling Cruel. And the one thing he wants most is to see his uncle, who stole the crown by murdering his father, pay for his crimes.

If You Tell A Lie Long Enough, It Becomes The Truth...
In order to protect his mother from execution, Darling’s entire life has been built on a lie that he dare not breathe a contrary word about. His hands tied by his uncle’s cruelty. No one has ever seen the real him. No one except Zarya. She’s the only person he’s ever fully trusted with the truth. But when she betrays him by allowing a weapon he designed solely for her to be used against him, all bets are off.

The Hero Is Now The Monster...
Betrayed to the deepest level, Darling becomes an enemy even worse than his uncle. His goal is not only to reign, but to kill every Resistance member he can find. He won’t rest until all of them are dead and that includes Zarya.

The Twisted Hand Of Fate...
Zarya is the only hope to reach the heart of the man her people once considered their ally. A man who hates her with a fury so great that she knows it’s just a matter of time before he kills her. But if she can find the part of him that once trusted her, the part of him that once loved her, she might be able to save not only her own life, but those of her people.

It’s an impossible mission.
Too bad she doesn’t play the odds.

This is by far my favorite book in the series, it totally blew me away. It was tragic, comical, heartwarming, masterful. And to think it all started out with Darling be gay. Sherrilyn Kenyon had completely mastered her spot as one of my all time favorite author's, she has yet to disappoint me with her books, but yet now I'm salivating for the next league book release.

REVIEW: Born of Shadows ( The League #4)

Born of Shadows (The League, #4)Born of Shadows
(The League #4)
~Sherrilyn Kenyon~
Published: Grand Central Publishing; 1 edition (April 26, 2011)
Average Rating: 4.31

Just when you think you have it all figured out, life belts you to the ground. And when Caillen discovers a truth he'd never suspected about himself, everything in his life is turned on its head.

Desideria has a secret of her own- one that could end her life if anyone ever learns it. The last thing she expects is to meet a criminal in her sheltered world never mind find herself marooned on a hostile colony with him while his enemies try to kill them both.

And as they struggle to survive, her father's favorite curse resonates. "May you get exactly what you want and live long enough to regret it."

I love Sherrilyn Kenyon's books, there has not been a single one I have not liked. And when it comes to the League books they just keep getting better and better.

REVIEW: Spider's Bite (Elemental Assassin's #1)

Spider's Bite (Elemental Assassin, #1)Spider's Bite
(Elemental Assassin #1)
~Jennifer Estep~
Publication:  January 26th 2010 by Pocket Star
Average Rating: 3.92

“My name is Gin, and I kill people.”

My name is Gin Blanco. They call me the Spider—the most feared assassin in the South (and a part-time cook at the Pork Pit BBQ joint.) As a Stone elemental, I can hear the whispers of the gravel beneath my feet and feel the vibrations of the soaring mountains above me, though I don’t use my powers on the job unless I absolutely have to. Call it professional pride.

After a ruthless Air elemental double-crossed me and killed my handler, I’m out for revenge. And I’ll exterminate anyone who gets in my way. I may look hot in a miniskirt, but I’m still one of the bad guys. Which is why I’m in trouble when irresistibly rugged Detective Donovan Caine agrees to help. The last thing a coldhearted killer needs when she’s battling a magic more powerful than her own is a sexy distraction... especially when he wants her dead just as much as the enemy.

I love getting my hands on books that are not your typical supernatural reads. The supernaturals in this books are of course your typical fae types, vampires, and Elemental's they control Stone, Fire, Air, and Ice with some minor ones such as metal and water. Gin is our main character she is a Stone Elemental, who's family was killed in front of her when she was 13, and was taken in by Fenegan (SP, and his son Finn. Fen will call him, had raised Gin to be the woman she is today, a badass assassin named the "Spider". Gin gets a job that pays a lot of money, She goes to do the hit, but when she gets ready to do her hit, she finds out they've been double crossed and she's going to be set up for the murder, as a bigger plot is going on. Gin must figure out who is behind the double cross and kill them before they end up getting her put in prison or worse dead.