January 19, 2012

For the record

that while I may use the description of Authors and the books, I get them from Goodreads.com. And if they are not they will be properly credited. The pictures I get either from goodreads or a public access website (ie: Google). However the chapter writing and the reviews however good or poor they are, are mine. I will be copy and pasting my reviews from Goodreads.com as I get them written and get my past ones posted on here.  So if you are either on my blog or a friend or follower on Goodreads and you notice someone posting my reviews as their own please notify me so I can get it handled.

Side tracked

you ever get sidetracked from the things you want or need to do? I do very easily, and welp that's exactly what has happened I've gotten sidetracked. I've been rereading my draft in a extremely snail slow pace. I would be done and probably would've had another chapter written by now if I didn't get sidetracked like I have. It happens to everyone, and its time for me to get on track again. So once I wash my hands from the chicken wing gook I'm going to start updating my reviews and updating what i've edited on my book and get the 5th chapter written :)

January 3, 2012

Lara Adrian

The Lara Adrian Section is complete up to date... it's a slow slow progress but I'm making my way there.