December 30, 2011

Writing a book

2 years ago after reading Stephenie Meyers "Twilight" series it had made me want to write again.  I haven't written anything really substantial since the death of my Grandmother back in '93.  Before then I would win awards and would get requests for my short that I had written out by hand (every copy).  But after my grandmothers death I had obtained a serious writers block.  But after reading Ms. Meyers books it gave me the inspiration to start writing again.  I had gotten about 5 chapters done before I pushed it aside for other things. Like reading, Second life, and school.  Well now that it's 2012 I'm really wanting to work on it again so I am.  I'm going to be re-reading it to get that flow back and editing it some while I read and then I will post some kind of excerpts to each chapter while I work on it.