Chapter 7 Excerpt

Pulling up to the house I put the car in park, and shut the engine off.  I just sit there and stare in at the house, gaining the courage to walk in there again, this time by myself. “Ok Randie, you can do this”, I take a deep breath grab the door handle and open the door. I walked up to the door, breathing heavily the entire time, feeling my anxiety growing with every step. I reach the porch, and step up the first step, I swore I heard soft voices saying “nooooo” as I did it, but I continued on. I reach the door handle and at first I hesitate to touch it, cause I don’t know what will happen when I do. I look back towards my car sitting there lonely in the driveway, sparkling in the sun. I take another deep breath and grabbed it, nothing happened, I exhaled heavily not realizing that, that breath I took I held onto it.
Crossing the threshold, again I hear the soft moans of no. I take a few more steps inside the house, and turn into the main room I start walking across the room, when another vision slams into me knocking me over.
A girl is running through the forest, she looks scared to death, Her dress was a royal blue buttoned down the front all the way down to the skirt, her auburn hair which seemed to glow in the moonlight, was pinned up though from the running, some of the curls were falling out.  She is still running, she slows down once to look behind her, but as she turns back around she runs into a wall. No not a wall, a man. This man is tall with Jet black hair, emerald green eyes, tanned skin probably gotten from working outside all the time. Muscular bodied that is noticeable even through his clothes; broad shoulders and chest that melt into a slim waist with long muscular legs that are built for hard work.
She’s realizes who it was she ran into and immediately wraps her arms around him. He wraps his arms around her, as if to protect her from the night, then he speaks in a tone soft as silk, but deep like a well.
“Shhhh, Annabella, everything is okay, I’ve got you now.”
Annabella looks up tears staining her face, “Oh Adriel, I’m so glad you’re here. I was being followed by something dark.”
Adriel places his hands on her face and looks into her eyes wiping away her tears with his thumbs.
“You’re safe now, it’s only you and me out here.”
She smiles at him and he smiles back at her, his eyes seeming to glow in the moonlight, as he lowers his head down to hers and kisses her deeply, then moves down to her throat, remaining there as his hold on her tightens. He then starts to lower them both to the forests floor, making sure to continue his tight hold on her. Lifting his head, he moves his hands to her chest he doesn’t touch her except to start unbuttoning her dress. She moans as she’s completely lost in him. Once he removes her dressing he lowers his trousers, thus proceeding to lie back on top of her.  He looks into her eyes and smiles then again kiss her, and continue the kiss as he enters her body.
When Adriel gets Annabella to climax he lets himself go, he roars with the sound of a lion, lifting his head to the sky, his emerald green eyes glowing brightly, he looks back down at Annabella.
She lays there panting, covered in sweat, eyes are hooded from the pleasure he just gave her. He leans closely to her ear and whispers. “You are mine Annabella, mine forever.”
Randie awakens from her trance, noticing it’s dark out. She picks herself up off the floor looking around. How long has she been in that vision? What just happened? Who was Annabella? Most importantly who was Adriel?” Those eyes though, I’ve seen those eyes in my nightmares, I gotta figure all this out.
Whomever he is, he’s not good news and Annabella is in grave danger. I turn on my cell phone to provide light as I make my way out of the house. As I start moving the house starts to shake, and moans start creeping from the walls, it sounds like moans of the lost, the lost souls you’d see in movie’s and they’re trapped somewhere. I don’t hesitate, I start running for the door as quickly as I could, dashing through the front door and out into the gravel driveway. I turn around to watch whatever is happening with the house, maybe it decided it’s had enough and plans on collapsing like it’s neighbors. It doesn’t collapse though, the shaking seemed to have stopped, and the moans are silent once again.
I shake my head and go to my car, getting in and starting it up I put it in drive and drove in a circle in the driveway to get turned around to get back out of the highway, I pull up to the edge of it waiting for a car to pass on by a voice comes over the radio “You are mine Randie, I will have you, forever!” then goes completely silent, I turn around and look at the house one more time. Standing as still and as quiet as when she last looked at it, but looking at is sends a freezing chill down her spine. So I stepped on the gas pedal and peeled out of the driveway, flinging gravel up behind her as she speeds away.

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