Chapter 6 Excerpt

He grabs ahold of the edge of my shirt and pulls it over my head, he pulls me into him and kisses me again. I’m so lost in his touch, in his kiss, in him completely. I reach down to lift his shirt off of him, and I go run my fingers over his body, his chest, his stomach reaching close to his jeans. He sucks in a breath as I reached the button of his jeans. I go to unbutton them, when all of a sudden I stop. I look up at him, breathing heavily, just as he is. “what’s wrong?” I look back down at his body, his glorious tawny skin, the hair that lightly covers his chest, down to the dark patch of hair the moves in a line down his stomach towards his jeans, I bet it reaches under those jeans to his…. I gasp covering my mouth with my fingers as I slowly walk backwards away from him. “Randie is everything okay? Did I do something wrong” I couldn’t answer him, I just continue to walk backwards until I hit the wall with my back. He comes over and grabs my arms “Randie, baby, you ok, please talk to me” Still couldn’t answer him I wanted too, but I couldn’t manage to move my mouth, I looked at him, my eyes wide as saucers. The look of terror is pasted on my face, but yet I still couldn’t talk couldn’t even make a noise.

Then all of a sudden my mouth opens and I release an ear piercing scream, so loud that I wonder if my eardrums are going to explode. But then, I go silent, and collapse, the last thing I see is darkness surrounding me, and the last thing I hear is that voice, the voice that haunts my dreams lately.

“You will never be his, you are mine, always mine. It’s destined, you belong to me Randie, me and only me”

All goes dark and silent around me.
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