Chapter 5 Excerpt

It felt great feeling that hot water brush over my body, it ease all my stresses away. I leaned back and let the water brush over me for a bit. I started to daydream, I envisioned Warren slowly walking into the bathroom and removing his clothes and stepping in the shower with me. He looked at me and smiled before placing his hands on the side of my face pulling me closer into him placing his lips upon mine. His tongue brushing against mine as I opened myself up to him, his hands moved from my face down my arms to my hips, moving up my side, up to my breast brushing against them softly. It’s funny that even in my dreams I could swear I was feeling him all over my body. HHHhe moved his mouth from mine and moved down to my neck where he lingers nibbling and kissing it. “OW!” I scream out, he bit me....wait a minute I felt that….I open my eyes, but there was no one there. I bring my hand up to my neck and as I brought my hand down I noticed a little bit of blood running down my chest. I hurry and turn off the water and rush to the mirror. Wiping the steam from the mirror I check myself out. I see the blood trickling fast from my neck; I pull my hair back to find this nasty bite. I freaked out I started screaming trying to pull the hand on the door but it wasn’t budging I kept pulling screaming. Then I heard a soft voice trying to call my name, I tried to ignore it but it was like pure silk talking to me. “Randie, you’re mine, always remember that.” It whispered in my ear, I started banging at the door yelling for help.

Finally it budges and I fall into Warrens arms, I look at him and freak cause in my dream he’s the one who bit me and drew blood, I started fighting at him to let me go. He refused he held me closer trying to calm me down. I pushed us into a wall, he never let go. “Randie, it’s me its ok I’m here baby, I’m here.” He kept repeating it until I had tired myself out enough, to finally hear his words.

I looked at him again, realized that this was the real Warren, I attacked him. Kissed him all over, and then kissed his lips so deep that it might have bruised our lips. I heard him growl in his throat, as I bury my fingers in his dark black hair, I moan and press myself closer into him. I start to get lost in his kiss when I hear someone clear their throat. I pull away and see that Shaun is looking at us, and looking quite concerned and embarrassed. I looked down to find that my towel had slipped down some and I was showing a large amount of skin, way more than my cousin or even Warren should be seeing for that matter. I grab my towel around my body and jump off Warren. I

I don’t look at neither of them; I just ran into my room and slammed the door shut. Shaun comes over and gives Warren a hand up. “What happened?” he asked. Warren shakes his head “Man I have no idea, I heard her screaming and trying to get the door open, it was like jammed or something, she sounded like she was being attacked. Next thing I know the door came flying open and she’s in my arms, fighting me it was like, she didn’t recognize me. Once I got her to calm down she attacked me, though I must say I’m not really complaining on being attacked that way.” Shaun just looks at him “Sorry” Warren blushes a bit. Shaun chuckles “it’s ok it was pretty crazy from what I saw of it, and hell if a pretty girl came crashing into me and attacked me the way she did you, I wouldn’t be complaining either.” They both laughed, until I opened the door to my room opened and I came out wearing a pair of jeans, and red tank top, and holding a cloth to my neck.

Both of them rushed over to me “what the hell happened to you?” Shaun asked grabbing my shoulders to look at me. Warren takes the cloth from my neck, and they both hissed. “What the hell did happened, Randie?” Shaun asked again, I just shook my head “I don’t know I was soaking in the shower and the next thing I know it felt like something bit into my neck. Then I realized something did bite me but I don’t know what it was there was no one or nothing in there with me.” Tears started forming in my eyes, and Shaun pulled me into him, wrapping his arms around me hugging me tightly. He looked over at Warren you just shrugged obvious worry in his face. They both lead her downstairs Shaun in front of her Warren in back, constantly looking behind them as they made their way down.

Putting me on the couch Shaun went and grabbed me bottled water, while Warren still looking upstairs came and sat with me. Wrapping his around my shoulders pulling me closer to him, as to protect me from something.

“Ok now slowly Randie tell me what happened”

I did telling him about the daydream, and how I thought all the touches and kisses I was feeling were just from the dream, but it wasn’t there was something in that bathroom with me. Something that scared the hell out of me.

“Please don’t leave me” I said out of no where

Warren looked at me kissed my forehead and said “I will never leave you if you don’t want me too”

I took comfort in his words and laid my head on his shoulder. Shaun comes back out with bottled water, a bowl full of liquid, a rag, antiseptic ointment, and a freaking huge bandage.
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