Chapter 4 excerpt

Where am I? I ask myself “Hello!” yelling into the dark but no one answers. I keep looking around at this unfamiliar place. Looking around I notice that I am in a house of some kind, from the looks of it; it is an old house at that. I touch one of the walls and chills are immediately sent throughout my entire body. I start shaking uncontrollably, with good reason too! Because just then I hear a creepy voice that I think I have heard before but at this point I am not quite sure. It was calling out to me, it calls out my name. Now how in the hell does it know my name? As I am asking myself this question, the walls start moving. Wait, no they aren’t moving there is something trying to get out of the walls. Hands, its hands reaching through the old walls, stretching itself towards me. The wall breaks and hands come out to grab me…

I wake up screaming silently, covered in sweat, “oh my god, it was just a dream.” After I get my breathing under control, I pull the covers off of me, and go to the bathroom. I go downstairs to get a drink. I look around the kitchen as I am drinking my glass of water and notice that something is missing, then I look at the bowl on the counter where we all put our car keys, and I realize that Laurali is not at home. I wonder where she is, but I don’t think about it for too long. I finish my drink and head back upstairs. As I am passing Bobby-Lynn’s room I hear noises, so of course I stop to listen. I hear huffing and puffing, and some giggling. I put my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing, oh my holy hell Bobby-Lynn and Jackson are having sex. I quickly and quietly go back to my room, and turn on my IPod because I highly doubt that I will be going to sleep anytime soon. I walk by my window and caught a glimpse that makes me look outside, I see Dorian out in his backyard chilling on his mom’s lounger.

I decide what the hell, and grab my slippers, head downstairs and out the back door heading towards him. Figure why not I have nothing better to do, I don’t want to sleep, and I would like to talk someone even if it is Dorian. Fortunately my pajamas consist of a tank top and matching pants.

I get to the fence he obviously hasn’t heard me coming because he fell off the lounger when I said “Hi!” I couldn’t help but to giggle. “Uh, hey Randie, you startled me.”

“Sorry” still giggling a little,

“You are the last person I ever expected to see at the fence.”

I couldn’t help but to ask, “Why is that?”

He looks at me strange. “Well, Randie you haven’t been the friendliest person to me since you’d found out I have a girlfriend.”

I look at him sharply, “Yeah, well can you blame me, you’ve basically treated me like I had the plague or something?”

“Yes and No”

“What do you mean by that?” I could tell there is a slight sting in my voice. But I guess since Dorian and I have to work pretty closely now that he is Romeo and I am Juliet.

“Well Randie I say yes because you never gave me the chance to explain, and No because maybe I should have been upfront with you, but how was I to know I was going to be so attracted to you!” He went silent immediately, there was a long silence then I finally broke it with.

“You were attracted to me?”

“Randie, the first moment when I met you I felt that there was something about you I wanted to get to know, but I couldn’t lie to you, but Shaun got to you before I could.”

Readjusting myself on the fence I tell him, as I am now irritated by what Dorian has just said to me. “Shaun and I have been real close since we were little if you didn’t want me to know from him, then you should have either told me it that night, or not have told Shaun until you talked to me about it.”

He clears his throat “Randie, I know I messed up, and I’m sorry, I should’ve handled it better.”

I just look at him for a minute or two and then. “Randie, please tell me we can get past this?” I sigh and roll my eyes, “Yeah, okay, whatever.”

“Good, because it would be extremely hard to be Romeo, if your Juliet is always pissed at you.” I just roll my eyes again and say. “So what are you doing out here this late at night?” quickly he looks at the ground.

“I couldn’t sleep what about you?”

“I had a nightmare, and then I couldn’t get back to sleep.”

“What kind of nightmare?” he asks, I want to sit down so I ask him to hop over the fence so we can go sit down, and we lay on the lawn chairs acting like we are sunbathing, but just doing it in the moonlight. I tell him about my nightmare, and we continue talking and I tell him about my parents and Chicago and he tells me about California.

Then he asks “so what’s going on between you and Warren?”

I look up at the moon, “I don’t know really, we’ve gone out a couple of times and I like him…and…you know I am not comfortable talking to you about this.”

He puts his arms behind his head. “OK fair enough.” We go back to talking about random things.

The next thing I know is that I am waking up outside on the lawn chair, with Warren and Aaron looking down at me. I look over at the other lawn chair, Dorian is still sleeping. Oh shit, I am going to hear it now. But just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse Bobby-Lynn and Jackson walk out. Of course she notices all of us and heads over.

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