Chapter 3 excerpt

Bobby-Lynn and I have chemistry, together but she already has a chemistry partner that was agreed upon in another class, so I am partnered up with Warren Stryker, who looked like he could be the school’s hard ass at least by appearance. He has the most amazing eye color I have ever seen, they are like two colors gold and green the green is on the outside and the gold is by his pupil which just make the green even brighter, beautiful black hair that goes down to his shoulders. He is wearing a dark green T-shirt that made his eyes stand out even more, and made his olive skin glow. He has a tattoo of some kind on his neck but I couldn’t tell what it is but it made me curious on if he has others. He doesn’t talk much, which is okay with me because I don’t feel like talking.

The teacher has put on some boring Chemistry video. I sit here and start watching it but, I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I know Bobby-Lynn is waking me up. “Miss Klein if you intend on being in my class, could you please refrain from napping and do that on your own time, THANK YOU!” Old Ms. Collins belts out. I don’t say anything back to her I just grab my slip and hustle out the door.

“One more class until lunch you think you can make it?” Bobby-Lynn says to me all sarcastic like.

“Yeah, I don’t even know why I even fell asleep.”

“I do Ms. Collins class is so frickin boring.” Bobby-Lynn says then quickly changes the topic.

“So you got put next to Warren, that’s interesting.” I look at her with extreme curiosity. “How so?”

“Well, because he’s so dark and mysterious.” Still confused here. “And how is that interesting?”

“Because, he’s hot and he’s the mayor’s son and he’s so dangerous like, so rebellious, with his motorcycle and all.”

“He’s the mayor’s son?” I ask

“Yep!” is the only thing she says, but still in her peppy happy high tone. “Ok well I gotta get to class, bye now!” and Bobby-Lynn walks off in a hurry.

“You know I really hate when she does that!” I say to myself but I must have said it out loud because just then “hate it when who does what?” right behind me is Shaun heading to his next class.

“Oh, Bobby-Lynn when she runs off like she does.” He kinda gives a sigh “yeah, she’s been that way for a while, you’ll get used to it. But I must go this is my class ta ta for now cuzz.” And he slides into his class.

I head towards the gym dreading what might be awaiting me there. I walk in and greeting Miss Henry the P.E. teacher I saw Annemarie sitting in the middle of an entourage. She hasn’t noticed me yet and thank god, I didn’t want her to notice me not after Bobby-Lynn and Britney’s reactions Miss Henry didn’t make me dress out today so I just decided to sit on the bleacher’s and watch everyone else play basketball, yeah so not my favorite sport.

“Hey there!" a strange voice says to me I look over and this really hot guy was talking to me “uh hey!” I reply back

“You’re not playing today?” he asks “um no” I say.

“Well okay then,” he looks away then looks back at me “I'm Fabian by the way.” He comes to where I am sitting holds his hand out and we shake hands.

“I’m Randie”

“Well Randie, what’s the deal why are you not playing?” I look at him. “I don't know, the teacher told me I didn’t have to dress out today but don’t worry I will be playing tomorrow.” He smiles “well ok then.” He wipes his face with a towel.

“Now, why aren’t you playing?” I had to ask back.

“I have football practice and coach doesn’t want us over exerting ourselves.” I just roll my eyes and he laughs and turns to watch everyone else play. Fabian is attractive in the boy next door way. He is clean cut, six foot two with that preppy golden blonde hair, crystal blue eyes. And he muscular, built like a football player, and of course he is also on the football team. Hmmm quarterback I am guessing.

Just then Fabian gets up and heads to a girl and kisses her. I notice who this girl is, and much to my dismay it’s Annemarie. Great! I was just talking to her boyfriend. Of course they are the football player/ head cheerleader combination, what a stereotype and cliché that is but in most cases it definitely fits the bill. Annemarie with her long golden blonde hair, her deathly dark blue eyes, her perfect body, it was obvious she ruled the school. They start walking my way, I freaked should I stay and take the heat or should I run like the little pansy I want to be. “Hey Randie, I want you to meet my girl Annemarie.” Fabian introduces us Annemarie’s eyes get wide and I knew that she just remembered me from the hall. I swallow my pride and hold out my hand all peppy like and say “hey it’s nice to meet you.” Still holding my hand out there she takes her hand and with two fingers barely touching me she says. “Yeah, hello”. I could hear in her voice “yeah you insolent fool, who the hell do you think you are addressing me so informal,” like a queen would. Annemarie looks at me harder, and then she asks. “Aren’t you that….who tried knocking me over in the hall?” I put my hand down.

“Uh yeah, sorry about that.” She looks at me more coldly than before. “Yeah, well you should be and from now on why don’t you keep your skanky ass away from my boyfriend.” Fabian speaks up you can tell he isn’t impressed with Annemarie’s actions. “But babe” Annemarie holds up one finger to shoosh him and it worked. Now me all it did was, piss me off. “Excuse me, where do you come off…” next thing I know I am getting pulled of off the bleachers “hey let go!” I yell out. Then finally when, my mysterious attacker has me pushed next to the bleacher’s I get to see who it is that attacked me so abruptly.

It’s Warren Stryker, who is actually dressed out for gym; I’m surprisingly impressed for some strange reason over this. Oh and I am right on the tattoos he’s got some on his arms and one on his calf. “Now why did you do that for?” I ask all defensive “if I didn’t no one else would have and you don’t want to get in trouble your first day. Not over Annemarie.” Warren says in this sexy deep voice that makes you want to melt when you hear it.


He sighs “just trust me she is not worth it.” Relentlessly I just nod. “So you’re supposed to be some tough guy right?” I casually lean against the bleachers.

He smiles coyly at me, man he’s got a gorgeous smile. His smile gets wider as I just realized he was watching me stare at him. Crap.

“Um I guess that’s what everyone assumes at least, why do I look like a touch guy to you?”

I look at him again, trying not to stare again. “you look like you have the tough guy image, but I wonder if you are truly a tough guy, or just you want everyone to think you’re a touch guy.

He looks at me those golden green eyes staring at me, “Well maybe you should find that out for sure then.”

I roll my eyes, but blush as I do it, then I said to him, so I didn’t seem like a giddy school girl.

“You don’t seem like you are some hard ass, as others have led me to believe.” He looks down at the ground, says nothing else and walks away towards the locker rooms.

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